A budget pauper deck. I know it's called $10 Treefolks, but without any lands it actually costs ~$7. I love Treefolk so much, before I even knew how to play magic I owned a copy of Blanchwood Treefolk since I love the art on that card, not knowing how severely mediocre that card actually is :P

The deck has two main functions: Land recursion and pumping up Battlewand Oak

Land recursion is fun to mess around with, most of the time you are cycling a cycle land and then bringing it back with Tilling Treefolk and Grim Discovery to cycle it again. This will get you tons of cards, and once you get an Arcane Spyglass on the field you will be drawing like mad.

Battlewand Oak can get absolutely nuts. Early game you are going to be playing at least 1 Treefolk spell each turn, and on turns that you play a forest that's +4/+4 for our little oak here. Later in the game you'll hopefully have an Everbark Shaman on the field who will give your oak +4/+4 at instant speed, which is incredibly useful. Just remember to use him sparringly since the deck doesn't have unlimited forests.

Arcane Spyglass is a recent addition to the deck and a huge help for card advantage. Since we have no problem replanting our sacrificed lands, you should be tapping this every turn. You'll want to sacrifice forests and the moors the most since forests grow the oak and the moors will cycle for more cards.

Some tips:

Quicksand is a great deterrent for attackers, so try not to tap it during your turn if you can help it. If a 2 toughness attacker comes wandering your way, then jump for joy because that attacker is now dead and Quicksand just hit the board again because of Tilling Treefolk

Nameless Inversion is going to be a very useful card. If you have any inversions in your hand, try and play Weed-Pruner Poplar soon, since each one will let you take out a slightly more tough creature during your turn. With only two out, you'll be able to take out a Gurmag Angler by having each of them poke it and finish it off with the spell.

Nameless Inversion is also very helpful since it activates your oak, giving it another +2/+2 boost. It is also an instant so if you find yourself in a tight spot with some attackers, you can take out the 3/3 and block with your now 3/5 Oak. If you get any huge creatures remember that Everbark can help out your oak at instant speed and Quicksand can finish it off.

Also I think I mentioned this already but you need to use Everbark Shaman very sparringly since the deck doesn't have all that many forests. Maybe pop it off a couple times early game to thin your deck and then hold off until you really need it. The first time you use Everbark, count the number of forests in your library. Keep track of that number so that you know how much fuel you have left for your oak. Don't use Everbark if you have only 1 forest left because then your opponent will catch on that you are out of forests.

Take out the flying creatures quickly. Hopefully you'll be able to just prune them off with the poplar but using inversion to kill a hefty flier shouldn't feel like a waste. We don't have much to deal with them besides Cloudcrown Oak who will only stop them from attacking until they become 4/4s.

Also Rancor goes on the Oak. Duh.


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Made a couple overall changes such as having 2 Cloudcrown Oaks instead of 1 and moving the poplar count down from 3 to 2. I really liked having three but I don't know what card to remove to add an extra. Also scrapping Feldon's Cane, if you want to put it in the sideboard be my guest but I doubt it'll be very useful in many matchups (though this is one thing I have not tested so I may be wrong). Added 2 Rancor by replacing 2 of my 6 dredging spells (Grisly Salvage, Grapple with the Past) Now there's only four... and they are all Grapple. I think 5 would be a perfect number but not sure what to remove...


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