Korvold treasures

Korvold is a cool commander that gives me some dark souls boss vibes (Oceiros the consumed king) The deck plays heavily into a token theme with particular focus on treasures. Cards like Bootleggers' Stash, Parallel Lives, Jolene, the Plunder Queen and Chatterfang, Squirrel General allow for great synergy in generating a powerful board state. The commander Korvold, further gains value, as having many treasures, means you can sacrifice them for mana even without cards to play such that you likely get one or more useful cards. Korvold himself also gains many +1/+1 counters making him a powerful creature to attack with

Besides this, there are dragon spirits like Kokusho, the Evening Star for strong sac effects, and Goblin Bombardment to weaponize squirrels and similar tokens

The deck can easily begin to speed up massively by turn 6, and has multiple win cons, from commander damage, strong creatures, going wide with many tokens, damage through cards like Mayhem Devil, as well as Chandra's Ignition to kill through using your boardstate

Many of the cards are heavily synergistic with the commander and eachother, and features many different permanent types to make it more resilient

The deck is still WIP so any suggestions are much obliged!


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