An artifact deck that plays low cost artifacts to combo out. Its primary win condition is drawing the whole deck and winning with a lab man or jace combo, or storming with aetherflux reservoir to damage opponents out.

The most important thing to remember about the early game is to get jhoira down as quickly as possible. The reason is that any artifacts played before jhoira is in play are losing tempo. The optimal play gets jhoira down on turn 2 but honestly if it's turn 3 that's not terrible. Playing a turn 2 2 mana rock can often guarantee a turn 3 jhoira
Once jhoira is in play the next step is to start getting artifacts into play and drawing cards, especially the 0-1 cost artifacts. This is the step where it's important to get the cost reducers Etherium Sculptor, Helm of Awakening, herald of kozelek, Semblance Anvil, or Jhoira's Familiar into play. With the cost reducers in play casting artifacts will get easier and the deck can start to combo off.
At The point where artifacts can start being casted for free the next step is to get fuel the fire. Artificer's Assistant, Riddlesmith, and Vedalken Archmage are all similar or complimentary to jhoira, letting the deck dig deeper with each artifact cast. This deck can lower the cost of casting artifacts by 7, allowing any artifact in the deck to be cast for free. The most important cards to cast here are Teferi's Ageless Insight and Alhammarret's Archive which Will double up on the card draw. The archive is especially important because it can be reduced by all of the cost reducers.Credit Voucher + Teferi's Ageless Insight is a way to double the hand size and is a powerful combo.
Combo decks can often be the target of removal and hate, if an opponent can get rid of key combo cards then the combo is dead in the water. Arcane Denial, Counterspell, Fierce Guardianship, Negate, and Muddle the Mixture are low cmc counter options that can protect this decks combo cards. Muddle the Mixture can also tutor several important cards.
There's Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter for infinite mana and untaps. It also utilizes Urza, Lord High Artificer with infinite mana to cast the entire deck. Additionally Words of Wind combined with 2 mana rocks, artifact casting cost down by 2 and the ability to draw 2 or more cards from casting artifacts is an infinite card draw and infinite bounce combo. Additionally, even without the 2 card draw part, this combo will bounce all permanents controlled by opponents. Sensei's divining top+Mystic Force+helm of awakening is an infinite draw cards combo.
Mana rocks are essential to the synergy of this deck. Mana rocks that come in untapped can generate instant advantage, but even the tapped ones can provide much needed mana. This deck runs very lean in the mana base at 30 lands, but contains 24 mana rocks and rock enablers, as well as 6 casting cost reducing effects, making 60% of the deck focused on ramping. Basalt Monolith + Forsaken Monument is an infinite mana combo that's simple to pull off. Thousand-Year Elixir will allow mana dorks to tap for mana the turn that they come down. Manifold Key and Voltaic Key Will untap rocks so they can produce more mana. Forsaken Monument is also important on its own, making lands that produce colorless Mana doubly effective as well as rocks that produce colorless.
So the main win condition is drawing the entire deck and win with a Laboratory Maniac or Jace, Wielder of Mysteries for their win condition. This deck also features storm wins with Aetherflux Reservoir to damage out opponents. The typical win involves a ridiculous amount of cards, but most of the necessary effects are interchangeable, with most important aspects being represented by 5 or more cards
This deck's focus is on speed, getting jhoira down early, and drawing into a combo and winning from there. The most important aspect is the mana rocks, which serve as fuel for the various combos in the deck. This is a combo deck, it wins through self draw, infinite castings, looping abilities, or storming with Aetherflux Reservoir

This is my physical list, it will be updated as I get new cards. It is in phase 2 at the moment, and I'm very open to suggestions for new cards. Thank you for your support and all likes and suggestions will be returned

Jhoira tinkers with tiny trinkets

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It's time to finally get on another level. Mana Crypt represents the most expensive card I've ever purchased and is an absolutely broken card. I will likely proxy this card into other decks, but it is going straight into this one. Looking forward to adding it in and now i have my eyes on Jeweled Lotus


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