A voltron deck with group hug elements so that you might actually be able to convince people not to kill you while you kill them. Designed as an attempt at a fun and fair deck that even your opponents may be able to enjoy. Maybe.

Cast Tahngarth and begin to slap stuff on him. Some stuff will give your opponents boons when they swing with him, like Shadowspear and Snake Umbra, as they directly give the attached creatures new abilities. Other cards like Keen Sense and Sword of the Animist only benefit the controller of the enchantment/equipment, i.e. you, that way YOU also get big value when opponents take a swing with your big boy.

If nobody wants to attack for you anymore and they stop letting you use them to inflict commander damage on everyone, just force them to play your game anyway. Goad them with cards like Grenzo, Havoc Raiser and Agitator Ant. Alternatively, turn the table into a chaotic mosh pit with Avatar of Slaughter and relish in victory as your big boy soundly thrashes your opponents every single turn.

Also tossed in a cheeky Treacherous Terrain to use after your friends have thoroughly reaped the benefits of your Rites of Flourishing.

Make them trust you and then make them wonder why they trusted you.


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