Made this deck for my wife on 6/15/15 and have been refining it since

She likes to be aggressive and blow things up This deck is made to be straight forward for her as she is a newer player. I like to think of this as an aggressive (turn things sideways and attack) control deck (blow things up that get in your way)

As this is a Boros deck in EDH Drawing cards is always an issue. I went with efficiency for the mana cost and an attempt to put as many cards as possible that are questions your opponent has to answer. I feel like when I play this deck I always have a chance to win as long as I do not overplay the hand I have

The cards in the maybe board are cards I am thinking about switching into the deck to refine it more Also full disclosure I need to go through the mana base and work on speeding it up... right now there are too many come into play tap lands

Also Wondering if there are some better plane walkers for the deck.
I am open for any suggestions as long as there is a valid reason to the suggestion


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had a lot of problem keeping cards in her hand so modifying the deck to reduce late game land draws and putting draw engines into the deck


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