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This is my first EDH deck and when I first built it it really wasnt what I should of been. Ive spent months reworking and mapping it out and Ive come up with a decently effective deck. I need a few more cards just to round it out but for now I works pretty well. (although its main weakness is board wipes) The main focus is to get a shit load of tokens and the double them as fast as possible. Theres alot of mana ramp so it makes it easy to play combos mid to late game that can allow you to swing with 11/12 creatures and still have that many or more left to block. While this is happening you proliferate each turn twice and gain health for each creature and token creature from trostani and soul warden and Anointer Priest. So super life game mana ramp and token production. It can get overwhelming pretty fast. Its not super competitive but fun as hell to play.


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