I wanted to make a fun deck with Puresteel Paladin , but one that is not completely dependent on him, like cheerios. The basic idea is to plop down cheap creatures/effects that can put out good damage on their own while requiring very little work to setup, then follow it up with cheap equipment or card selection/advantage.

Toolcraft Exemplar , Ensoul Artifact , and Glint Hawk are all strong on their own and only require a single artifact. In fact, it's pretty common to be able to swing in for 8 damage by turn 2 if you have toolcraft, ensoul, and any 0-cost artifact. Kor duelist is dependent on equipment in order to be efficient, and drawing multiples can really bog the deck down, so I limit it to only 1 copy.
Cranial Plating needs no introduction, but there are times when there may not be many artifacts in play to justify casting it just yet. That's where Bonesplitter and Bone Saw come into play. Both of these equipment are very cheap to cast and equip, allowing the deck to keep pressure on the opponent. Darksteel Axe and Sigil of Distinction are more mana, so I limit the copies of these cards.
Puresteel Paladin is the main star of the show and can utilize all of the 0-cost and 1-cost equipment to generate card advantage pretty fast, not to mention being able to equip everything you just played for free (assuming you have metalcraft). Being able to equip Colossus Hammer for free is AMAZING, but since it's dependent on Puresteel Paladin , I limit it to 1 copy. Paradise Mantle is another card that synergizes very well with Paladin. The 0 cost makes it a free draw, but more importantly, this essentially turns all of your creatures into a Birds of Paradise as you can just equip to any creature for free, tap the creature for mana, then freely equip the mantle onto another untapped creature. Having more mana will allow you to cast more equipment, which in turn will draw you more cards to cast.

Artificer's Assistant is a hidden gem in this deck. There are 21 artifact spells in the deck that cost 0 or 1 mana to cast. This makes it really easy to control your draws,which can be HUGE. When combined with Puresteel Paladin , you can scry before you draw to give you a better chance at relevant draws.

Glint Hawk 's bounce ability has synergy with many other cards in the deck. You can bounce and recast Mox Opal to use it for mana again (If you have multiple Glint Hawk's in hand, you can put them all into play this way). You can also bounce/recast an equipment to draw a card with Puresteel Paladin , or scry again with Artificer's Assistant . You can bounce/recast Sigil of Distinction with more charge counters.

Any artifacts that are not being utilized on your board can be made into a serious threat with Ensoul Artifact . Bone Saw , Colossus Hammer , Ornithopter , Paradise Mantle , and even Mox Opal can all be turned into a scary 5/5 creature. Darksteel Citadel and Darksteel Axe are also great targets if you want to make your creature indestructible

Note: The deck and sideboard is still a work in progress, but after LOTS of goldfishing and some playtesting, this is what feels the most consistent so far


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