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1 Tap 2 Win U/G Commander Edition [cEDH]

Commander / EDH* Combo Competitive GU (Simic) Infinite Combo


1 Tap 2 Win

Do you like winning? How about unbelievable consistency? You may have found the deck you're looking for.

This Vannifar build is a fast combo deck aiming to win on turn 3 or 4. We have the goal of assembling a Protean Hulk win by utilizing the tap ability of our commander Prime Speaker Vannifar. With our commander and any creature in play, we can chain together a sequence of Vannifar activations to tutor for creatures with untap effects, and use the untap effects to continue using using Vannifar to reach Hulk at 7 CMC from any creature as low as 0 CMC!
Prime Speaker Vannifar

Our commander comes down for 4 mana, and is a 2/4 creature. Vannifar can serve as a moderate blocker, and can survive many small red Pyroclasm effects and spot removal up to Lightning Bolt. Vannifar comes out summoning sick, so we have to wait a turn in order to use the ability.

The ability is the basis of this deck. We sacrifice one of our own creatures to tutor for any creature in our deck with 1 more converted mana cost than the sacrificed creature. We know that Protean Hulk has a cmc of , so we have built our deck to ramp from a cmc creature all the way to Hulk.

The search ability has a few caveats. First, the sacrifice is part of the activation cost. The creature is sacrificed before the ability is put on the stack. Second, the search ability can only be used anytime you could cast a sorcery, meaning it has to be one of your main phases, and the stack must be empty. The implications of these two caveats is that you can't use activated abilities of the creatures you're sacrificing to get around the sorcery speed limitation (sacrifice a creature, use its ability to untap Vannifar after Vannifar has already put the ability on the stack). The third caveat is that our creature must be exactly +1 cmc from the sacrificed, so we can't sacrifice a cmc creature and grab a /// cmc creature, it must be exactly a cmc.

Deck Strengths

  • High level of consistency and redundancy, the deck really only needs any creature and 1 or 2 untap effects with your commander to win
  • Our color identity gives us access to the best cost/power ratio for the effects we run (ramp, protection, and untap effects)
  • The core of the deck is rather small, leaves a lot of space for tailoring to your meta
  • Tutor on your commander, you don't need to dedicate deck space to tutors or card draw
  • Very fast, regularly threatens wins on turn 3 and 4, even while holding protection
  • Able to combo even with earlier failed combo attempts
  • Combo can execute while entirely ignoring the graveyard, adding resilience against grave hate
  • Combo can execute with 0 casts on combo turn, allowing you to dodge many interaction and hate pieces
  • Mana base is split between lands/mana dorks/artifacts, added resilience to hate

Deck Weaknesses

  • Only 2 colors, so we miss out on some cards we would like to run, including talismans and signets and some hulk payload/wincons (Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker would be a fat alternate wincon in this deck)
  • Vulnerable to certain hate pieces that disable tutoring, activated abilities, or creature ETB effects
  • Almost no gas or recursion cards, early discard effects can be back-breaking
  • Stack has to clear before every Vannifar activation, meaning you can't run extra untap effects to combo out while removal for Vannifar is on the stack
  • No haste enablers mean you must play your commander and pass

Vannifar Combo Chain

Quirion Ranger/Wirewood Symbiote (additional cost return 1 forest to hand OR return 1 elf to hand)

Scryb Ranger (additional cost return 1 forest)

Deceiver Exarch/Bounding Krasis/Eternal Witness + 1 untap effect in graveyard (requires mana to cast effect)/Spellseeker + 1 untap instant or sorcery in library (requires mana to cast spell)

Breaching Hippocamp/Archaeomancer + 1 untap instant or sorcery in graveyard

Chakram Retriever/Disciple of the Ring (additional cost cast 1 spell OR + have instant or sorcery in graveyard)

Great Oak Guardian/Woodland Bellower + 3 cmc or less Green untap creature (and be able to pay untap effect cost of creature)

Protean Hulk (you need an untap effect here to be able to use Vannifar on the hulk)

Our combo has the total cost of:

1 creature to start the chain, possibly return 1 forest + 1 elf to hand OR 2 forests to hand, cast 1 spell OR pay + remove instant or sorcery from graveyard, then use 1 untap effect.

Our untap effects not already listed in our combo: Teardrop Kami/Kiora's Follower/Seeker of Skybreak/Aphetto Alchemist/Mobilize/Vitalize/Dramatic Reversal/Dream's Grip/Twiddle/Tidal Bore/Crop Rotation + Minamo, School at Water's Edge

We also have the benefit of being able to "bank" our untap effects. If we have a Kiora's Follower on the table before we begin our combo, we can reduce ANY of the untap costs along the way. For example, if we are unable to pay the cmc step cost of either mana + instant/sorcery in graveyard OR casting a spell, we can just use our banked untap effect to go straight to the cmc step. We only want to begin banking untap effects when we know we have enough to finish the combo. If we use a banked untap effect but end up being unable to sacrifice the Hulk, we have put our win in jeopardy.

Banking untap effects also provides us more flexibility in other spots of our combo chain, if we can still pay the regular additional costs for comboing. Having extra untaps means we can grab creatures with effects beyond the regular untap effects, allowing us to deal with board states that prevent us from comboing off. They also allow us to grab additional protection for our combo pieces, or recur a card we might want for removal or protection.

Eternal Witness and Archaeomancer allow you to reuse pieces of your graveyard.

Spellseeker is far more versatile, as it can grab a wide array of removal that you don't currently have access to in your graveyard. It fetches removal in the form of Rapid Hybridization and Nature's Claim. You can also grab protection in the form of Pact of Negation or Swan Song. If Breaching Hippocamp is in hand/graveyard and you don't have any untap spells for Archaeomancer, it can grab Vitalize/Dream's Grip to allow your tutor line to continue.

Preferred Hulk Line

Fetch Ezuri, Claw of Progress + Sage of Hours + 4 creatures with cmc (Memnite/Ornithopter/Phyrexian Walker/Shield Sphere/Walking Ballista/Dryad Arbor)

Note Show

Ezuri enters first, and then receives an experience counter for Sage of hours, then 4 more experience counters for each of the cmc creatures entering for a total of 5 experience counters. Move to combat, triggering Ezuri's ability and putting 5 +1/+1 counters on Sage of Hours. Remove to take another turn. On your free turn, Ezuri's ability will trigger again, putting 5 +1/+1 counters on Sage of Hours. Proceed to take infinite turns.

Other Hulk Line

Grab Pili-Pala Grand Architect Walking Ballista and any 1 drop, usually Teardrop Kami. Ballista enters as a 0/0 and dies as a state based action. Start a turn so that your creatures are no longer summoning sick, then proceed to generate infinite mana with Pili-Pala and Grand Architect. Use Vannifar to sac Pili-Pala to get Eternal Witness to return Walking Ballista, use Ballista to kill table with infinite mana.

Our ideal hand gets to 4 mana with lands or ramp, has a creature to sac for Vannifar, has one untap effect, and packs either removal or disruption. We can mulligan to get what we need, but our lack of strong draw or card advantage options means we rarely want to go below 5 in starting hand.

Our turn 1 and 2 we want to be playing ramp cards. Creatures are fantastic in this time window, so we have access to their tap abilities on our combo turn. This is especially notable with Seeker of Skybreak Kiora's Follower and Aphetto Alchemist.

If we have the ability to drop Vannifar on turn 2, it is always the correct move. We should prioritize our turns 1 and 2 to enable a turn 2 Vannifar if possible. We have a decent number of options to jam. Mana Crypt Sol Ring or Mana Vault on turn 1 is the most simple, and simply requires 2 lands that make a green and blue respectively. Free mana can help land turn 2 Vannifars, and it takes the form of Elvish Spirit Guide Chrome Mox Mox Diamond Lotus Petal. Combined with any of our dorks or enchantments on turn 1, we will get a turn 2 Vannifar. We also run lands that can help us, our dual color lands and our two mana lands. Fetchland will grab Tropical Island or Breeding Pool, which drops a turn 1 dork or wild growth. Turn 2, we drop Ancient Tomb City of Traitors Crystal Vein or Gaea's Cradle + 1 CMC creature (+1 from the dork we played turn 1) or Forest + Crop Rotation for a 2 mana land.

After we drop Vannifar, we must pass. We run no haste enablers, which is why we want to stick Vannifar into play as fast as possible. We run a decent sized protection package, which can help Vannifar survive the rotation. When we begin our combo turn, we have the benefit of getting an untap step and another land drop, which allows us mana to use more counterspells.

Stax And Us

Surprisingly, many stax pieces really do not bother us. We don't really draw cards, we can combo without using the graveyard, we can combo without casting any spells, and the resources required to combo are to cast Vannifar, any creature, and an untap step. Our investment and costs to get to our combo allow us to effectively ignore all kinds of stax pieces, because we aren't leveraging repeat value or big draws. Since we play well underneath stax, it may help in a 4 player pod to accept the stax piece and simply play around it. The pieces that scare us the most are the ones that rob us of tempo, or disallow our combo chain.

Winter Orb FINE

We play well under winter orb. We have a diversified mana base, so this doesn't impact us too badly. Worst case scenario, this will add one extra turn before you combo. We can turn this off with Dream's Grip or Twiddle, and our value lands like Gaea's Cradle help us escape from underneath. I would not recommend countering or removing this.

Static Orb OK

This hurts us harder than winter orb. Prioritize untapping lands or creatures that allow for multiple mana. Feel free to counter or remove if the game state might be problematic.

Trinisphere OK

The daddy of all stax pieces. If we are against an opponent that ramps and hits this on turn 1, our best option is playing land draws to escape. If this lands after turn 1, it usually won't hurt us too bad. Countering/removal is dependent heavily on board context, but always consider stopping this if you can.

Tangle Wire Scary

Tangle Wire is a card we don't wish to see on the table. A turn 1 or 2 Tangle Wire means we most likely won't be dropping Vannifar until turn 4 or 5, when midrange decks have had a chance to stabilize (read: bad for us). Counter this card if you can.

Cost enhancers Sphere of Resistance Thalia, Guardian of Thraben etc. OK

Our biggest fear with these cards is that they can keep pushing Vannifar to one turn later, two or three turns in a row. Can be back breaking when combined with Tangle Wire or one of the Orbs. Sometimes we have hands that are capable of producing excess mana, which is when these pieces scare us less. We can benefit from these when there is another fast combo player at the table, as we can play around them better than Storm or Doomsday. Counter or remove based on board texture.

Arcane Laboratory Rule of Law etc. OK

Another set of cards that hurt other combo decks more than us. Can cause problems if we don't have banked untap effects or need to use Chakram Retriever, but otherwise usually mild. We should become worried if we see these in combination with graveyard hate, as our step requires us to either cast or use our Graveyard.

Tormod's Crypt Rest in Piece etc. FINE

These cards shut off our alternate dork lines, but don't effect our main combo line. We lose access to the Spellseeker Archaeomancer Disciple of the Ring line, but it usually isn't worth removing graveyard hate. Another example of cards that hurt others more than us, so it may behoove us to keep them around.

Cursed Totem Linvala, Keeper of Silence Torpor Orb Hushwing Gryff Aven Mindcensor Containment Priest Grafdigger's Cage Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite SCARIEST

These are the cards that stop us from comboing. Counter or remove as fast as possible.

Kataki, War's Wage Manglehorn etc. FINE

Heavy artifact hate doesn't bother us! Will slow the other combo decks more than us.

Root Maze Thalia, Heretic Cathar etc. FINE

Enter tapped effects don't bother us very much either. We start our combo turn with an untap, so don't waste counters or removal on these bad boys!


Armageddon Ravages of War etc. SCARY

We have almost no card advantage in this deck. Having someone else snag a 3-for-1 or a 4-for-1 against us can cause losses. We also run a decent amount of effects that return lands to hand as an alternate cost, so it shuts off those abilities as well. Stop these from happening if you can. On rare situations, this can give us a tempo swing to victory, but our opponent is not going to try to play this at a beneficial time for us, just the opposite.

Wheel of Fortune Timetwister etc. SCARY

Would we like to receive 7 cards for free? Sure! Would we like the other 3 players in the pod to draw 21 cards themselves? No! A wheel can refuel us and help us reach a victory, but they are explosive enough to where we need to be concerned about losing before our next turn. Our counterspell density is not massive, so we are unlikely to draw into a solution (or enough solutions) to the problems that inevitably arise from 21 cards going to your opponents. Highly recommend stopping these if possible.

Demonic Tutor Vampiric Tutor etc. FINE

We would rather spend our interaction on whatever piece they grab. When someone uses a tutor to cast a spell, they are basically paying the spells cost + the tutor cost. If we counter the 2 mana tutor, they've only lost the opportunity cost of 2 mana and 1 card. If we counter the card they tutor for, they've lost 2+ mana (tutor + tutored card cost) and 2 cards (kind of 1 because self replacing).

ad nauseum Necropotence Rhystic Study Mystic Remora etc. OK

The only thing we need to consider is if we are going to lose due to the card advantage these cards create. Ad Naus and Necro are the scariest, our opponents can drop 30 life and threaten a win immediately. These are the situations where we want to intervene if possible. Study or Remora aren't as scary, but one of them landing on turn 1 can bury a game for us. Depends a lot on board context.

Notion Thief Alms Collector etc. OK

These only scare us in tandem with wheels. Seeing as we should stop wheels, these aren't a priority. Treat them the same as other cards that put us behind in card advantage. Remove or stop if we think it will cause an opponent to run away with extra cards.

Pyroclasm Wrath of God etc. SCARY

These have the ability to significantly delay our combo turn, and is also the reason we should hold extra creatures in hand if we don't need them to get to the combo activation. Stop these to protect your assets and your fast wins. Let them go through if they don't stop you.


We should consider interacting with opponent's ramp cards when we think they are at risk of winning before us. We need to remember that our removal and counters are somewhat limited, and they cost us heavily in terms of card cost versus our low card draw. It sucks a lot when we spend our only piece of removal on a Mana Crypt just to wallow under a Linvala, Keeper of Silence the next turn.

Wirewood Symbiote Quirion Ranger

The ranger is more flexible, but we run a high density of elves so you can usually still get one activation from the bug. Either of these landing on turn 1 or 2 feels nice. Worst case scenario, you can always use them to start the dork chain.

Scryb Ranger

Another strong turn 1 or 2 play. We can usually skip this step in the dork chain if we start with a 2 CMC creature.

Deceiver Exarch Bounding Krasis

We always tutor for Deceiver if both are available. We can fetch Bounding Krasis with Green Sun's Zenith or Woodland Bellower, so we want to leave that option open if we need to restart a combo attempt. Our high density of 3 CMC creatures and effects allow us to drop any of them for value anytime during the game, these two included.

Eternal Witness

We use this card in our alternate line to recur Walking Ballista with infinite mana. It has strong value on its own, it can easily be a part of the dork chain if you have an untap effect in your graveyard that you can play. If it helps you reach your primary hulk line faster, don't be afraid to recur an effect you need if Witness is in hand!


Our preferrred Spellseeker line if we use it in the dork chain is to grab protection while we are already holding untap effects. Our favorite target is Pact of Negation, as it costs us nothing to cast during our combo turn. If our main 3 CMC untappers are both offline or Breaching Hippocamp is unavailable and WE MUST use Archaeomancer, we can grab Tidal Bore, which will cost us 2 islands with Archaeomancer (we free cast it, then recur it, then free cast it again) to get to our 5 CMC creatures. If Spellseeker is in our hand, our tutor targets aren't much different.


A worse Eternal Witness, can be used for value or combo. Ran mainly to guarantee an alternate line (and thus another shot at comboing after a first failed attempt)

Breaching Hippocamp

The much preferred 4 CMC dork for the chain. Costs us nothing to get to 5 CMC

Chakram Retriever

This card is the single biggest reason to consider an artifact dense build. There are so many value 0 drop artifacts that our deck could run, in tandem with the ones we DO run, to make this a free untap in the chain. That useless Memnite allows us to jump to 6 CMC with no mana paid and only a card spent! A Mox Diamond or Mana Crypt can also do the trick. If necessary, we can drop an extra dork from our hand or play a ramp piece to untap here, but the biggest problem is making sure you have something to play and aren't holding a hand of counterspells and lands!

Disciple of the Ring

With 22 instants and sorceries (21 because GSZ shuffles in, but it could always get countered you never know) to choose from, this line has a fairly high chance of being available to you. It costs and also removal from graveyard, which is why we prefer Chakram Retriever. Even casting a 1 CMC permanent with Chakram Retriever costs us the same as using Disciple, which means we have a better board state on our combo turn, or for the turn after if our combo fails.

Great Oak Guardian

Our preferred 6 CMC dork. Costs nothing, takes us to Hulk Town. In unbelievable circumstances, we can cast this from hand as an untap effect for the chain (sometimes you have a lot of elves Priest of Titania)

Woodland Bellower

Our secondary 6 CMC dork, we usually grab Bounding Krasis because it costs us nothing. Bellower also opens up lines where we can get around not having an untap effect to get rid of Protean Hulk. If we have an untap effect in our graveyard, we can Vannifar the Bounding Krasis into Archaeomancer, use the untap, then jump to Chakram Retriever or Disciple of the Ring to power additional untap effects. Permanents in hand or spells in graveyard will let us get two additional untaps, which we use on Woodland Bellower and then Protean Hulk. In situations where Bounding Krasis is unavailable, we can also use Eternal Witness with the effect already in graveyard, but this may cost us more in mana or permanents.

Protean Hulk

Big daddy. If its in our hand, we want to grab Spellseeker from the dork chain for Flash. If you can hard cast this while you have a ready-to-go Vannifar in play, I still recommend getting Flash because you can hold up more counterspells.


Hulk turns into this, and it blows up any dumb problems on the board that stop your Ezuri + Sage combo. Swings during your infinite turns if you don't decide to Walking Ballista for infinite on your infinite turns. Can be used for value with Flash. We don't really like to see this card in our hand.

Teardrop Kami

Can't really be chained from, because it sacrifices itself so you no longer have a creature after Vannifar untaps. Great for banking an effect on turn 1 or 2!

Kiora's Follower

Our favorite untap creature. Massive value with Wild Growth Utopia Sprawl Priest of Titania Gaea's Cradle. Banks additional untaps when we use Mobilize Vitalize Dramatic Reversal.

Seeker of Skybreak Aphetto Alchemist

Can ramp with other dorks or rocks, but most importantly they bank untaps for Vannifar during your combo turn. Also combos well with Mobilize Vitalize Dramatic Reversal. Note that Seeker is an elf for Cavern of Souls and Priest of Titania

Mobilize Vitalize Dramatic Reversal

Untaps Vannifar, untaps other mana and banks untaps with untap dorks. Tutorable with Spellseeker, recurable with Eternal Witness or Archaeomancer. Serves as fuel for Disciple of the Ring

Dream's Grip Twiddle Tidal Bore

Quick and dirty untap effects for a busy Vannifar. Tidal Bore is "free" with a cost we can usually pay, and Twiddle or Dream's Grip have defensive purposes when used to turn off Static Orb or Winter Orb. All three can stop nasty attackers from hurting your stuff or gaining card advantage. Can tutor it, can recur it, can use it for Disciple. Dream's Grip and Twiddle can both enable turn 2 Vannifar if you have Utopia Sprawl or Wild Growth on your turn 1 land!

Ezuri, Claw of Progress

We never want this in our hand. We always want to pull it from Hulk. If we must, we can hard cast it before the hulk sacrifice, but ONLY cast it on a turn you are definitely comboing.

Sage of Hours

Same as Ezuri


Removal bait the size of the moon. Feel free to casually drop into play. We don't really have a use for infinite mana outside Walking Ballista, which isn't tutorable outside of Hulk. We can use it to help combo out to hulk though!

Grand Architect

More removal bait. Same as Pili-Pala

0 CMC creatures

We only want to play these under a few conditions. The first is to ramp Gaea's Cradle. The second is to untap with Chakram Retriever. The third is blockers for value against a commander like Tymna the Weaver. Our ultimate goal is to drop 4 of these from the Hulk or our hand after Ezuri enters from Hulk, so you may have to hold in hand if you burn through too many! There are 6 0-drop critters to choose from, so you shouldn't run into too many problems.

We run as many viable creature based ramp cards available in our colors, to help us reach our commander as quickly as possible but also to serve as starting points for the dork chain.

Arbor Elf Birds of Paradise Boreal Druid Elvish Mystic Llanowar Elves Fyndhorn Elves Priest of Titania

We also run Dryad Arbor, which allows us to guarantee the creature we need for the dork chain off of a land drop. Dryad Arbor is fetchable with effects that grab green creatures or forests, giving us more flexibility.

Nature's Lore Three Visits Green Sun's Zenith

We run a few enchantment based ramp pieces, due to their speed

Wild Growth Utopia Sprawl

Our artifact ramp is a limited selection, designed for speed at low opportunity cost

Chrome Mox Mana Crypt Mana Vault Mox Diamond Sol Ring

We have two "ritual" pieces of ramp, one time consumable ramp pieces that have the potential to power out our commander by turn 2

Elvish Spirit Guide Lotus Petal

We have the opportunity to run some counterspells because we are playing blue. So we do

Dispel Flusterstorm Force of Will Mana Drain Mental Misstep Negate Pact of Negation Swan Song

We also have the ability to remove problematic permanents.

Terastodon Mouth of Ronom Krosan Grip Nature's Claim Rapid Hybridization

Our flash hulk package has been trimmed to work in tandem with the commander, not as an alternate package. Our deck extremely commander focused, so running cards to assemble an A + B that doesn't run through our main combo line seems like a waste of deck space and layering.

Flash + Protean Hulk is an excellent combo, and allows us to jump directly to our win condition. We run pieces to assemble the flash and hulk parts, and we run them in the same slot. Fierce Empath can grab hulk, while Spellseeker can grab flash. Our justification for flash hulk is more about shortcutting steps we might not be able to pay rather than tucking in a winning package. If we have one piece of flash hulk in our hands before we combo chain, we can stop our combo chain at and just flash hulk right there. We can also draw into both pieces, since we run effectively two flashes and two hulks, but our card draw is minimal so this is usually off of board effects or board tutors.

We have already discussed the versatility of spellseeker, so having it fetch flash is very low card slot cost for the deck. Fierce Empath doesn't fetch nearly as much, but it does have some very strong options in Woodland Bellower Great Oak Guardian Terastodon on top of Protean Hulk.


Lets us put pieces we need to tutor onto the field back into the deck

Green Sun's Zenith

Usually played for X=0 on turn 1 grabbing Dryad Arbor. Can serve as an expensive extra untap effect by grabbing any of the 1/2/3 cmc Green untappers.

Crop Rotation

Absolute all-star in this deck. Grabs Dryad Arbor if you need a creature to start the chain. Grabs Gaea's Cradle if you want to ramp. Grabs Cavern of Souls if you want extra protection for Vannifar. Grabs Mouth of Ronom if you need to remove problematic creatures. Grabs Minamo, School at Water's Edge if you need an untap effect. Color fixes to Tropical Island or Breeding Pool if you want to surprise opponents by holding up counterspells with only green mana untapped. Monster card A+ 10/10

Gaea's Cradle

Puts those 0 cmc dorks to good use on turn 1. Big ramper

Cavern of Souls

You will be naming elf every time. Provides protection for your combo

Flooded Grove

Meme land easily replaceable by snow covered forest. I like due to heavy color requirements of Mana Drain

Mouth of Ronom

Low opportunity cost removal. We run snow covered lands to use in tandem with Ronom

Breeding Pool Tropical Island

Forest Islands that are fetchable with fetchlands, forest tutors, or crop rotation. Big value for color fixing

Polluted Delta etc.

Fetchland suite designed to provide maximum color access at low cost. Note that the forest fetchlands can also grab Dryad Arbor, allowing yet another way to get to that first dork for the untap chain.

Minamo, School at Water's Edge

Low opportunity cost method of untapping. Not as fetchable as we would like, but big value nonetheless.

Snow-Covered Forest Snow-Covered Island

We run snow covered to provide snow mana for Mouth of Ronom. We run high basic land density because our color costs are rather low, and it helps us avoid getting caught by nasty stax pieces Blood Moon Magus of the Moon Back to Basics

This deck enjoys a high level of redundancy, and has quite a few options for always being able to finish through its combo. As such, there are all kinds of interesting and neat little interactions tucked into the creatures you throw down.

Your 0 cost spells can be the difference between being able to combo out or not. Chakram Retriever works as a free untap if you are holding a 0 cost spell! Holding 0 cmc creatures in hand will still let you combo with Ezuri, Claw of Progress, just play them after he enters but before combat. With 6 0 cmc creatures to choose from, you shouldn't have a hard time putting 4 in after Ezuri enters.

Quirion Ranger and Scryb Ranger can enable your Mox Diamond during your combo.

The removal package is smaller than the disruption package. Things that can stop you from comboing are better dealt with proactively rather than reactively.

Your commander has two options for coming in. Jam it on turn 2 with some serious speed, or aim for turn 3 with protection. You want to be able to protect your commander entering/surviving on the table for a round if you land it on turn 3. The speediness factor of a turn 2 commander is acceptable without protection, but know that you run the risk of getting sent to the command zone.

Protean Hulk always turns into Terastodon from your commander. Removing 3 non-creature permanents clears the way for victory, and gives you a 9/9 to swing with during your infinite turns.

You can race some of the fastest decks in the format. Commander turn 2 means you win turn 3. Commander turn 3 means you win on turn 4. Those are nice fast victories, and holding up interaction and counterspells helps to guarantee you can slow the all-in combo decks enough to hit your own combo window. Your counterspells will also help protect you from other midrange and control decks looking to shut off your own wins.

This deck has a lot of potential for new cards! In particular, new creatures with effects that can untap our commander! New untap, ramp, or disruption pieces that are more effective or better costed can find homes here. More effective flex pieces will also open more options to pilots for less deck space, but those are less common to see printed.

If there are very cheap and effective haste enablers introduced for U/G, it may open additional avenues for speed. As it currently stands, the two playable ones Concordant Crossroads and Lightning Greaves leave a lot to be desired.

Heavy Draw

Mystic Remora Rhystic Study Ponder Preordain Sylvan Library Sensei's Divining Top

We don't need passive card draw. We need to get to 4 mana to play our commander. Having extra card draw can help protect against wipes, and can help you recover from failed win attempts, but we sacrifice speed if we decide to add more card draw. Card draw also helps to mitigate another element in decks, large disparity between card quality. We don't run giant bombs like Wheel of Fortune or ad nauseum that are so much higher quality then our other cards, so we don't need to filter greatly or hard draw into them. This card draw ends up being too passive and too slow, we want to go fast!

Big Artifact Ramp

Mox Opal Grim Monolith Simic Signet

Our artifact density isn't high enough to run Opal. Monolith is just Mana Vault but slower, and doesn't enable as many turn 2 Vannifars as we would like. Signet helps color fix while ramping, but runs worse than Nature's Lore or Three Visits, which effectively work like a talisman.

Plus, we need creatures to start the dork chain from Vannifar. The more artifacts we run, the less space we have for creatures.


Worldly Tutor Mystical Tutor Birthing Pod etc. big green creature summons

Short answer: Hurts consistency. Long answer: We have a tutor baked into the command zone that is reusable and highly abusable, so we really don't need extra tutors, we would rather run combo enablers to ensure consistency. Worldly tutor and Mystical tutor both suffer from the same problem in this build, our low card draw means the most advantage we get from them is playing them at EOT before our untap. We aren't getting to in-response tutor then draw to blow out opponents, so we lose a large amount of value from them. Birthing Pod would seem like an auto-include to most people, but it suffers greatly from opportunity cost. I'm paying at the minimum to generate the same effect as my commander, but our color identity does not allow me ways to reuse/blink the Pod until I can combo to Protean Hulk. Our untap effects are mostly creature based, meaning our combo line works exclusively with our commander. We would rather run an untap or another ramp card in place of pod.


Basically, the stax options we have available to us aren't worth playing in our deck. We don't have card draw to make up for investing cards in things that don't lead to us winning, and the pieces available don't do what we want. Tax and fewer untap effects usually end up hurting us, and we don't have good ways to break parity or slip out from under them.

Goal: Identify Cards We Can Easily Adapt to Meta

Kiora's Follower Seeker of Skybreak Teardrop Kami Riftsweeper Reclamation Sage Loaming Shaman Flash Eternal Witness Fierce Empath

Breaking down our Flex cards


Kiora's Follower Seeker of Skybreak Teardrop Kami

The 2 cmc drops require have summoning sickness, so they only provide value if dropped before the combo turn or used as the first dork in the chain. Teardrop Kami is Twiddle on a stick and should be cut only after the first two. Keeping high density of untappers and creatures is recommended, so I would recommend swapping this category out last.

Flash Hulk Package

Flash Fierce Empath

We run this package as a shortcut to our main win condition, highly acceptable to trim the flash package out from the deck. We will choose to keep Spellseeker because it opens lines with Archaeomancer to continue the chain when Breaching Hippocamp is unavailable.


Eternal Witness Loaming Shaman Reclamation Sage Riftsweeper

General recursion/removal package that is very flexible against the majority of decks, but perfect for being removed and adapted to your meta.

Goal: Replacing $$$ Cards With Acceptable Budget Versions

This package may be used in tandem with other packages, as it focuses on replacing expensive real dollar cards with cheaper variants, and does not focus on the flex cards. It lists cards in the order you should replace for budgetary purposes, so cards further down the list should be replaced only if the cards before it have been replaced

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