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Commander / EDH BUG (Sultai) Flying Unblockable Voltron


CMDTower Episode

So one of our mods, MarketingRoss, came up with this great idea for a budget challenge. So being Christmas in July I decided to build and gift this deck to my fellow host BigTuck!

What is the challenge? 1. Entire deck must cost less than $1 2. Notable exclusions would be basic lands and the commander 3. The IRL deck can have different printings and foil which don’t count against the budget 4. TCG lowest cost counts towards the $1

What type of deck did BigTuck receive? 1. Well he LOVES combat, so let’s go voltron mutate! 2. One challenge with this is access to mana accelerators, so we went super low cmc with only a handful of cards counting more than 3 cmc 3. Leveraging "draft chaff" non-humans that are usually unplayable for their evasion to get Spacegodzilla through for damage

Key to this deck is saving certain creatures to have targets for space Godzilla when you mutate him from command zone or graveyard but still playing enough to deter your opponents from bashing face every turn.


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