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Bishop of Wings would have been pretty damn powerful if it had supported a tribe like Humans, instead of angels... but as is, it's not that great... Because while there are good angels, making a whole deck with them is not easy.

This is of course because Angels are big and clunky, and not meant to be a focus of your modern deck.

That's why you can push their tribal support a little extra because they won't break from having it. (You'll need to be a next level madlad to play angels to begin with.)

Same is true for Dragons, and Demons, and Wurms, and Leviathans, and Krakens, and Gods...

Tribal support to decks that aren't meant to be a tribe can just be pushed a lot further.

So... Let's ignore all that and build changelings!

We'll have bad vanilla-ish creatures pared with un-curve, bunkers tribal support :P


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