Those who Seize power must have the means to hold it -Queen Marchesa

We are back at it with making a primer for a deck that I love! My name is Junky, and I LOVE magic. I also love building decks, even if I don't always get to play them! This is a WIP build irl, but the full deck list is right here, waiting to be fully purchased and played. I hope you enjoy my take on a Queen Marchesa Deck!

A huge thank you to alexjustdoit whose Marchesa Aikido deck inspired me to make my own take on the Queen! Long may she reign!

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"Hail to the Queen! Long May She Reign!"

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  • Eidolon of Rhetoric
  • As I continue to build and play this deck I'm hoping to figure out where my weakspots are and work within the guidelines I set for myself to make this deck as strong of a political Enchantress deck as it can be.

    PLEASE leave suggestions for me in the comments for what YOU think this deck could use.


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