Devotion is a mid-ranged control deck that uses spells and permanents to win the game.

Obliterator. It is our main win con due to being such an incredibly difficult creature to deal with if our opponent can't kill it. It can be a very potent defensive creature and an extremely punishing offensive force.

Rotting Regisaur. Even though Regi gives us one black devotion it is a powerful threat that must be answered.

Aetherborn is meant to be a deterrent if used as a blocker or an attacker. multiple Aetherborns can be the deciding factor in aggro matches and can be a removal spell that gains us life. It is also amazing in the burn match up, gains life and usually eats a bolt which buys us time. Aetherborns also draw removal away from Obliterator.

Sculler is meant to slow down the opponent while providing pressure. Sculler is amazing in the combo match ups for this reason. Usually the opponent will use removal to get their card back. like Aetherborn, this helps our main win con.

Last Hope is another optional win con that also recurs our creatures and provides a removal/weakening effect.

Veil is great in the current modern scene and provides disruption, removal and a punishing ultimate which are all great against combo and control decks.

Path to Exile and Fatal Push allow us to practically kill every creature in modern that doesn't have shroud, hexproof, protection from black and white.

Thoughtseize and Inquisition are our way of controlling our opponent's hand and can be the deciding factor in the combo and control match ups. In the aggro matches they are lack luster and usually get sided out.

I have removed Gray Merchant due to the mana cost being too high.


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