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Welcome, one and all, to my Theme Cube. This cube is divided up into ten different themes, which are as follows:

WU- Blink UB- Mill BR- Chaos RG- X-Spells WG- Enchantments WB- Aristocrats UR- Artifacts BG- Graveyard WR- Equipment UG- Lands

I tried to make at least some of the themes a little more original than the typical things those colors are associated with, (Although I did kind of fail with BG Graveyard and WR Equipment) as I feel it makes gameplay more fun to encounter less staple-y cards. I have also included a healthy dose of just some cards I like, and to make sure that we have some non-theme cards, too. A lot of these just ended up being some favorates of mine, such as Ox of Agonas or Hexdrinker , but I think it works. Because this is my first cube, it's bound to be a little rough around the edges. It was surprisingly hard to fit all the cards I wanted into 360, which is kind of odd considering I brew 100 card commander decks all the time. If you have and suggestions or categories you think I should include more or less of, tell, me and I'll probably listen. Thanks for checking out my Theme Cube!


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