Howdy, y’all! I decided to create a primer for this God-Eternal Bontu deck because in my searches I realized that not many people use her as a commander or have tapped into the beautiful chaos she can create. I wanted to share my adventures!

Swamp - Swamps make black mana. Black mana good.

Bojuka Bog - It’s slow, but sometimes it’s worth it to wreck someone’s graveyard. Maybe before you slam down Living Death ?

Buried Ruin - We have a lot of important artifacts in the deck, and this can protect them.

Cabal Coffers - Big mana… BIG mana!

Emergence Zone - Sometimes you wanna pop off and do something cool in response to someone doing something cool. Sometimes you wanna win at instant speed.

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx - Big mana. Not as big as Cabal usually, but big enough.

Phyrexian Tower - Everything gets sacrificed eventually (and i mean, EVERYTHING), might as well throw some creatures under the bus to ramp. Can also be an emergency sac outlet for Bontu to keep your combos rolling.

Reliquary Tower - Helpful to stock your hand up in preparation to dropping Skirge Familiar . Can really come in clutch, so it’s worth it being colorless mana.

Strip Mine - Sometimes you gotta blow up a land, ya know?

Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth - Fixes your mana when you have too many colorless sources, and makes Cabal pop off.

Volrath's Stronghold - Really handy to retrieve a creature to dig, combo off, what have you.

Witch's Cottage - Similar use as Volrath, and it’s a “may” ability, so it can just be a swamp if needed.

Sol Ring - It’s sol ring!

Arcane Signet - 2 cmc Black mana that comes in untapped.

Charcoal Diamond \ Coldsteel Heart - 2 cmc black mana. Coming in tapped isn’t a huge deal on turn 2, We’re not playing cEDH.

Mind Stone \ Thought Vessel - 2 cmc rocks that come in untapped are generally great. No max hand size is super handy. As for mind stone, i’d sooner sac it to Bontu than pay to do it, but it’s always an option.

Expedition Map - Helps us assemble our big mana.

Jet Medallion - the cost reduction is insanely good when we pop off, often times enabling winning turns where they wouldn’t be possible without.

Ashnod's Altar \ Phyrexian Altar - with a token generator and/or a recurrable creature, these can help us ramp into big turns before we use them as combo pieces.

Solemn Simulacrum - maybe an odd inclusion, but it’s ramp, and can be part of a pretty nifty combo that gets all our basic lands and draws our library. At 4 cmc, it’s a tad expensive, but Ashnod's Altar and a token generator don’t care.

Blood Pet - Best black ramp ever printed. Convince me otherwise (but don’t actually, please. I understand this is an overstatement).

Dark Ritual \ Cabal Ritual \Cull the Weak - Rituals are a great way to get bursty early turns, or to use mid combo to keep going strong.

Bubbling Muck - With a bunch of swamps out, or Urborg, we can have a ridiculous turn! All hail High Tide ’s evil twin!

Rain of Filth - When we combo off, all bets are off. Full commitment is required, but once you embrace the risk, saccing all your lands is quite empowering.

Sacrifice \ Soldevi Adnate - More sac outlet, than ramp, and most often used to sac Bontu in response to her own ability in order to keep playing her and comboing off, but can also be used as a ritual under certain circumstances.

Songs of the Damned - When we’ve sacced a lot, this can create a pretty significant amount of mana. Even early game it can at least be a Dark Ritual .

Carnival of Souls / Pitiless Plunderer - Slightly different takes on the same effect, but with a token generator, either of these can go infinite pretty easy. Can just as well be early ramp while we set up our board, or sac things for value.

Skirge Familiar - This card just straight up sends this deck into overdrive. It is an absolute all star. Even before a combo turn, we can pitch extra lands for mana now.

Skullclamp - The one and only. It draws us some CARDS.

Grim Haruspex \ Smothering Abomination \ Liliana, Dreadhorde General - We have a lot of creatures die or get sacrificed, so we can in turn draw a lot of cards. As an added bonus, Liliana can also win us a game in conjunction with Yawgmoth, Thran Physician ’s proliferate ability and her ultimate.

Plumb the Forbidden \ Liliana's Standard Bearer - Big bursty draw that fuels our combos, or can keep us moving in response to a board wipe. Both of them being instant speed is amazingly useful.

Disciple of Bolas - Part card draw, part sac outlet. It doesn’t pull off the combo with Bontu drawing itself with it’s own etb effect without Emergence Zone , but it’s very useful nonetheless.

Peer into the Abyss - I mean… it’s expensive, but this thing lets us pop OFF. Skirge familiar out? Too. Much. Mana.

Demonic Tutor - THE black tutor.

Diabolic Intent - If i haven’t made it clear enough; EVERYTHING is expendable. Sac a random chump for a win con?! Done.

Sidisi, Undead Vizier - Solid tutor, and easy to abuse for multiple uses.

Scheming Symmetry \ Wishclaw Talisman - Before Opposition Agent these were still decent, now they’re freaking SWEET.

Opposition Agent - This fits here right? Stealing tutors counts as tutoring… right?!

Defile - One cmc instant speed removal. Yes, please!

Feed the Swarm - Sorcery speed hurts, but the versatility in mono black is much needed.

Force of Despair - Potential one sided board wipe, usually free to cast, and instant speed? Yeeesssssss!

Living Death - Part removal, part recurral, all good. We can pretty easily manipulate our board state to be left in a great position after it resolves.

Toxic Deluge - Our only real board wipe… may as well have the best.

Yawgmoth, Thran Physician - Pseudo removal, but more so a combo piece. Still deserves a mention.

Imp's Mischief - Pseudo counter, protection from spot removal. Never hate to land one of these.

Reanimate / Animate Dead - Cheap recurral for vital combo pieces.

Victimize - Swap some creatures around, win a game or something. Pretty solid.

Agadeem's Awakening  \ Thrilling Encore \ Living Death - Mass recurral for when you need a lot of stuff back.

Nim Deathmantle - Mosty a combo piece, but has protected important creatures in many a game.

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed - Big combo enabler, and heavily abusable with Yawgmoth, or Putrid Goblin .

Yawgmoth, Thran Physician - The ultimate tool box card. Sac outlet, discard outlet, proliferate, removal, combo enabling. Could very well be the commander of this deck, but Bontu is my girl, and this is HER deck.

Gray Merchant of Asphodel - Classic finisher. Reanimate effects or Mikaeus, or Deathmantle can end games easily. At worst you can easily gain enough life to stay in the game until a better opportunity at winning.

death greeter - Used in conjunction with some of the effects that cost life, enabling infinite repeating of said effects (ie. Yawgmoth, Thran Physician , Carnival of Souls )

Elixir of Immortality - Allows continued abuse of Skirge Familiar , pretty vital effect to have in the deck.

Ashnod's Altar \ Phyrexian Altar - Dead things turn into fuel. Many combo’s revolve around these two, but they can also be great early game value.

Culling the Weak \ Sacrifice \ Soldevi Adnate \ Phyrexian Tower - One shot sac effects that help keep our mana up, or enabler Bontu loops.

Disciple of Bolas \ Plumb the Forbidden \ Ayara, First of Locthwain - Sac outlets that offer draw. Quite handy when Bontu is inaccessible for some reason, or is stuck on the board.

Sidisi, Undead Vizier - Sac outlet and a tutor on a creature, which makes it easily abusable.

Yawgmoth, Thran Physician - Big ol’ combo sac outlet.

Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder - This guy. Oh, man. He combos so beautifully with Bontu. This is our main combo engine, and we’ll go over that more in the combo section.

Pawn of Ulamog \ Blight Mound - These are similar, but each of them have their own upsides of extra mana, or life gain respectively.

Genesis Chamber - This one is symmetrical, but that is rarely ever relevant. It just makes us tons of fodder, without the need to sac to feed it. Pretty handy.

Abhorrent Overlord - Bursty token creator. Easy to abuse, and I chose this over Grave Titan simply because the etb trigger is more significant.

Putrid Goblin - Cheap lil guy that keeps coming back. Can go infinite with Mikaeus or just be good value early game.

Butcher Ghoul \ Treacherous Pit-Dweller - Our cheap undying creatures. Pit-dweller is a little weird in the sense that you always have to sac it before the opponent gains control of it, but it’s pretty manageable.

Geralf's Messenger - Another undying creature, with an etb drain attached to it! Pretty freaking solid, and an easy combo enabler with Yawgmoth.

Blood Artist \ Zulaport Cutthroat - There are slight differences, but the use is the same - Drain the table.

Ayara, First of Locthwain - She’s an interesting one. Sometimes you can pull of a win without a sac outlet due to her trigger being when a creature etbs. Otherwise, she’s just gonna drain the table. The incidental card draw, is REAL nice early game.

Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder + God-Eternal Bontu - This is our main engine, and it will continuously draw you 5+ cards, including Bontu, to recast, if you can sacrifice her in response to her own etb trigger.

Sacrifice or Soldevi Adnate ensure another cast right away, whereas a combination of Ashnod's Altar \ Phyrexian Altar and a token generator, we can cast Bontu indefinitely.

Again, with the help of token generators, we can sac more than 5 things with each of Bontu’s triggers, giving you extra cards in hand to discard to Skirge Familiar to fuel recasts.

Lastly, Ashnod's Altar + Nim Deathmantle and a token generator, will let you abuse Bontu repeatedly.

Basically, Bontu is a massive engine in our command zone, allowing is to draw through our library or make infinite etb/death triggers.

Nether Traitor + Phyrexian Altar + a token generator + an aristocrat - this will drain the table, or let us draw through our library with a draw engine in place of an aristocrat.

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Yawgmoth, Thran Physician - These two open infinite sac lines with any 2 creatures.

Butcher Ghoul + Geralf's Messenger + Yawgmoth, Thran Physician will kill a table as well.

Yawgmoth, Thran Physician + Butcher Ghoul + Treacherous Pit-Dweller + an aristocrat- 2 undying creatures is the classic yawgmoth combo for Infinite death triggers. Add an aristocrat and you win.

Ashnod's Altar + Nim Deathmantle - Another classic. Abhorrent Overlord goes infinite, but another fun one is Solemn Simulacrum with a token generator. We can rip all the basic lands out of our library, and/or draw our deck to fuel Skirge Familiar


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