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Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist

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Mirri is tapped and attacking with multiple creatures as often as possible. Not strictly token themed, but cards that generate tokens on attack seem like a good fit.

Since Mirri is not big, being able to tap her for other purposes such as mana Cryptolith Rite or tapping opponent creatures Glare of Subdual is useful. Her first strike paired with Basilisk Collar works great for combat. Cards like Godsend or Bow of Nylea would also be welcome. However, the deck is a little light on card draw and I'm not sure what else to give up to make room for more equipment.

The first version had more pillow fort Blind Obedience type effects, but have since moved away from that. I'll probably pull Loxodon Gatekeeper in favor of card draw or deathtouch effects. Thalia, Heretic Cathar however does fit well because of her first strike in addition to the pillow fort complement to Mirri.


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