Aggressive tempo deck that shuts down the opponent's mana base without land destruction and slows down combo and aggro decks while your own base is built. There are enough redundancies built into the enchantments to help even when bounce lands and other effects are put into play. Due to the speed of a typical pauper game your enchantments will outlast their ability to build a cohesive base.

A roster of islandwalking and unblockable merfolk able to be juiced up and attack in swarms will help keep you on the offensive while your opponent tries to recover enough mana to cast any spells. Counterspell, Vapor Snag, and Spell Pierce will also provide ample chance, with their cheap cost, to keep you from being caught flat-footed should our opponent make it through turning all of their lands into basic islands.

Card draw is provided in several places to complement Halimar Depths' ability to let you effectively stack your deck multiple turns in a row.


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