- Good news everyone! I just found a way to ruin all your fun! -

Complete writeup of deck underway!

My attempt at a spellslinger Izzet deck. The deck started out as a semi-casual build, primarely using budget cards and/or cards which I already had lying around. Since then, the deck has moved towards a moderately high compeateability build whilst retaining a budget'ish cost - i.e. no Snapcaster Mage, Ensnaring Bridge, Volcanic Island or Timetwister ... yet

Cards from the new set is bunkers. Adding;

Mizzix bascially comes with build in cheats for keywords like buyback, kicker, overload and the like. On top, she will work like regular accelleration/ramp on any spell you have the colors to cast - the more experience counters the better. Hence, this deck attempts to abuse alternate and additional costs to the fullest

Since experience can only be collected whilst Mizzix is on the battlefield, her survival is esential to maintain and will likely have your oponents attempting to remove her. To combat this, this list features a large suite of counterspells and protection eqquipments (Darksteel Plate and Lightning Greaves and Neurok Stealthsuit)

To keep getting experience counters, it is important that we have a good curve of spells, with a slight scew towards the cheaper end. This will assure that we will be able to build up experience counters reliably. On the other hand we don't want to miss out on the more expensive spells, that Mizzet can make very affordable. To get experience counters reliable, any costed spell will essencially net you 1 experience counter since is zero in all zones but the stack, where the value of is whatever you cast it as. This means that pretty much any spell you cast, will trigger an experience counter

Mizzix experience counters reduces the alternate costs (overload, kicker, flashback, buyback) meaning that Capsize suddenly can win you the game on its own

Casting good spells for cheap implies that it would be a good idea to copy them. Hence the addition of Increasing Vengeance, Pyromancer's Goggles and Reiterate

Finally, this deck is unique in that it, aside from the commander, does not run a single creature. Accordingly, sweepers are much more one-sided but does mean that we have to include some "dont attack me please" cards to deter Timmy players feeling too frisky

Mizzix of the Izmagnus - The only creature in the deck. Center piece of this deck and she is essencial to maintain on the board to stay in the game

Meekstone - One of the best tools for dealing with large creatures. And at CMC, it's an auto-include!

Neurok Stealthsuit - The best protection eqquipment in the list. Does what Lightning Greaves does, but better; whereas Lightning Greaves might excell in other builds, since we do not care about haste, we essencially trade in a eqquipment cost for a eqquipment cost to gain the option of doing so instantly

Primal Amulet   - Comparable to Pyromancer's Goggles; a bit slower in activation, but the lower CMC and the ability to produce makes it the better of the two in my opinion

Darksteel Plate - Wheras Neurok Stealthsuit and fails to provide any protection against global effects, this allows for much more liberal use of spells like Starstorm and Blasphemous Act

Sol Ring - Unless you're new to the commander format, then this should not require any explanation

Chromatic Lantern - 2nd best mana rock in any multi-coloured decks. Auto include

Storage Matrix - Currently being tested. Anti aggro tech choice

Propaganda - Serves as source of deteering aggro. A political card that encourages players to attack one another rather than us whilst we build up experience counters and assemble combo pieces

Back to Basics - Since we run a very limited suite of nonbasic lands, this shuts down a lot of decks on its own

Embargo - Very similar to Storage Matrix, only it forces the choice. Being tested, but card seems utterly bunkers

Riptide Laboratory - Another protection piece for Mizzix. Allows for easy bouncing and effectively prevents the commander tax from going to the command zone

Command Beacon - Very similar explanation to Riptide Laboratory; dodges commander tax

+ 2 Mizzix counters + Reiterate + Seismic Spike - Destroy all opposing lands. Here's how; cast Seismic Spike for and do maintain priority (i.e. do not let it resolve). Cast Reiterate for an additional targeting Seismic Spike with buyback and let the copy resolve. This will return Reiterate to your hand, destroy a land of your chosing and net you the that you put into casting Reiterate. Keep copying Seismic Spike to your hearts content

Reiterate + any spell netting more than + 4 Mizzix counters - infinite mana. This includes ramping spells such as Desperate Ritual, Pyretic Ritual, Seething Song but also untappers such as Turnabout or Reality Spasm able to untap lands and/or mana rocks

Runic Repetition + Mystic Retrieval - Cute little loop where you can keep bringing spells back. This combo can be found using Intuition, targeting Runic Repetition, Mystic Retrieval and, if you want to be mean, Time Warp for infinite turns

Firemind's Foresight - Main way of ending the game and should in nearly all scenarios be used to tutor up an costed damage spell (such as Gut Shot), Desperate Ritual / Pyretic Ritual and Reiterate. Use Desperate Ritual / Pyretic Ritual, Reiterate and Mizzix of the Izmagnus to generate infinite mana. With infinite in your pool, cast whichever costed damage spell you chose and start mass copying it with Reiterate. Unless disrupted, this will end the game


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