The deck also has four ways to "combo off," the first is Goblin Recruiter and Goblin Charbelcher, dealing an absurd amount of damage to an opponent that scales linearly with the number of Goblins left in my deck. The second is an infinite combo with Sword of the Paruns, Skirk Prospector, Sling-Gang Lieutenant and Krenko, Mob Boss, letting me create infinite 1/1 Goblin creature tokens and kill my opponents. The third is Archfiend of Despair and Wound Reflection, giving my opponents between their upkeep and their end step to kill me. The fourth is Heartless Hidetsugu and Phyresis, killing every player at the table including myself if I'm above 20 life. Otherwise, I kill my opponents with combat damage from a relentless assault of Goblins.


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