Hey guys! This is my new Feather, the Redeemed deck. I’m really excited with the options of having a spellslinger deck in Boros! Thanks! I’d love any and all suggestions!

This deck is meant to utilize Feather, the Redeemed ’s ability to continuously recycle low cmc spells. Her ability lets you utilize cantripa and combat tricks, rarely seen in Commander. This deck has 3 avenues of winning, and it can pivot between them depending on the situation.

  1. Commander Damage. Feather can use combat tricks like no other CMDR. She is able to reuse these spells over and over. In this particular build, commander damage isn’t pushed as strongly as in some others I’ve seen, but there are some cards in here that make it a viable option.
  2. Token Army. This strategy would probably be the plan C. There is really only Young Pyromancer to make these tokens, but I have had Young Pyromancer win me games before.
  3. Incidental Damage. This is probably the way you are going to win most frequently. There are a handful of cards in the deck that do little bits of damage here and there as you cast your spells. These will work together to help you whittle down life totals until you are victorious.
My deck is playing a pretty standard package of mana rocks for Boros ramp. There are definitely some of the rocks that could be improved on if it is within your budget, but seeing as I am trying to keep this deck on the cheaper end of things, I didn’t want to jam the expensive rocks. In addition to rocks, the deck has three cards that can really help the deck go off.

  1. Goldspan Dragon . This card is basically a “kill on sight or I win” card in this deck. With all your targeted spells, you can repeatedly target the dragon with them to get an insane amount of treasures, meaning an insane amount of mana.
  2. Storm-Kiln Artist . While maybe not quite as explosive as Goldspan, this card is arguably just as good. You are able to continuously generate treasure after treasure just for doing what your deck was built to do. And if you ever get into a Grapeshot loop, you better be prepared to have an absolutely bonkers amount of treasures.
  3. Birgi, God of Storytelling  . This card isn’t quite as good as the other two because you aren’t able to generate white mana or save the mana. However, she can still lead to some absolutely silly turns. What makes Birgi really good is the backside of her as well. If needed, you can cast her as her artifact side to generate an insane amount of card advantage.
This deck draws cards very differently from most other decks, but I’ve never seen a Boros deck as good at drawing cards as a Feather deck. Feather allows you to play cheap, 1 cmc - with the occasional 2 cmc spell - to draw cards. The great part is that all these spells also target a creature, meaning Feather will recycle them back to your hand at the end of the turn, allowing you to cast them over and over for insane value.
This deck has various kinds of removal in it. It has the cheap, efficient removal in Swords to Plowshares and Path to Exile . There are catch all answers such as Chaos Warp and Generous Gift . However, there is also some removal that is incredibly synergistic within the deck. We have a few ways to remove cards - albeit mostly creatures - that also target one of our own creatures which allows us to recycle them back to our hand at the end of turn to be used over and over. These cards become a sword of Damocles for your opponents, never allowing them to feel safe. It is a very fun play pattern.
There are some amazing value pieces for this deck that don’t really fit in any other section.

  1. Veilstone Amulet . This is possibly the best card in the 99. This card adds “oh yeah, all my guys, including Feather, get hexproof too” to all of your spells. This is such a good and fun card.
  2. Myth Realized . This enchantment is not the craziest card in the deck. However, over time it can gain more and more lore counters and become a formidable threat in the mid to late game. This is honestly a card that probably should be cut, but I really like it, so I’m keeping it in.


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