The wall against which the storm breaks.

Genesis Wave

EDH is all about the fun of crazy spells, and big mana plays. What card better represents that than my (and many others) favorite card, Genesis Wave? As far as satisfaction levels go for resolving a spell, Genesis Wave has to rank top 10, as you get to basically guaranteed cascade through a huge chunk of the top of your deck, and it's incredibly difficult for your opponents to deal with the advantage you're creating. So the idea of this deck is to replicate the effects of Genesis Wave, as a commander deck.


Omnath, Locus of Mana is the best commander for this concept, not only because of its ability to create big mana, but also because of Omnath's ability to facilitate big draw spells, such as Greater Good, which serve as the way to set up Genesis Wave type effects.

So, short of actually playing Genesis Wave, the strategy from game to game looks like this:

1- Ramp

Obviously you're going to need a fair amount of mana to pull this off. Your first three or so turns should be spent either setting up to create huge mana on your next few turns, or saving up with Omnath. During this time, you should also be filtering through your deck, using cards like Sylvan Library or Oracle of Mul Daya, in order to find your big draw spells.

2- Draw

Big draw spells--

--are going to be how you begin your wave-type effects.

After you resolve a big draw spell/effect, whether a straightforward one like sacrificing a beefy Omnath to Life's Legacy, or a combat based one, such as killing your own Grothama with a swole Omnath, the next step is to play out your entire hand.

3- Generate Advantage

A huge upside of Omnath is that you're still left with all of the mana that made him huge after you drew all of your cards. While it would be useful to have twenty mana after every big draw, it isn't necessary. Fortunately, we have plenty of ways to generate mana advantage from playing spells. This is where the dance begins, and you get some of the most challenging and fun part of the deck. Cards like Paradox Engine are obvious choices for allowing you to play out your entire hands, but haste enablers like Thousand-Year Elixir also do well with the many of cards that generate more mana than they cost, like Karametra's Acolyte. While this step can be difficult, it's always a fun challenge, and you rarely every need to discard any of the cards you draw. Ergo, you've just effectively made a makeshift Genesis Wave.

4- Win

While this isn't the most complicated step, it's bonkers fun! You've got plenty of ways to win from here on out, and the odds are you just played plenty of them. Nothing short of a Gideon, Champion of Justice ultimate can stop you after you're done with your jank Wave, as you've generated far too much advantage at this point. Once you untap it's game! Congrats!

Creature Ramp

There were a couple of big decisions that came with building this deck, but likely the most controversial was the choice to slant heavily towards creature ramp, over green's far more generally powerful ability to land ramp. The slant towards creature ramp is the correct choice for a number of reasons, though. Green loves creatures, and it interacts with creatures the best, and all of its most powerful tutors go for creatures. Paradox Haze and Defense of the Heart are great examples of ways the deck can more reliably interact with creatures. Furthermore, this deck seeks to be very explosive all at once, and land ramp is often slow. Creature ramp is much cheaper, faster, and can be far more explosive.


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