Mono black EDH. Been playing this deck for quite some time. Evolving everyday.

This version of Sidisi, Undead Vizier uses combos as the main win condition. With a good solid backup as an aggro reanimator deck that has some tricks up it's sleeve. Very vulnerable to counter heavy decks. So my strategy when dealing with blue is to just build up a mana base and cast your creatures only when you think you can cast a Boseiju cloaked Reanimate or something. Once you have a combo built up in the yard returning Necrotic Ooze using Boseiju tends to work well. Once Ooze is in play and you have the other pieces in the yard, the only way to stop the combo is something with split second. This is primarily a 1V1 build and would not be a "great-ish" multiplayer deck. It's very good in multiplayer but not meant to be a multiplayer deck. Having to worry about up to 3 or more other players targeting just you to keep combos from going off tends to set you back quite a bit. You'll just end up getting tag teamed and knocked out early.

Combos are:

1)Buried Alive + Phyrexian Devourer + Triskelion + Necrotic Ooze, Reanimate or Animate Dead on the Ooze.

2)Buried Alive + Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Triskelion,Reanimate + Animate Dead. On both Mike and Trike, or cast either while the other is in play and remove counters from Trike to ping your opponent(s) to death. Mike brings Trike back due to removing all +1-+1 counters from Trike.

3)Contamination, Reassembling Skeleton. Sac the Skeleton during your upkeep to keep contamination onboard. Recurring him from the yard each turn.

4)Helm of Obedience, Leyline of the Void. Mill your opponent(s) to death.

5)Dark Depths + Vampire Hexmage or Thespian's Stage. Sac hexmage to remove all the counters from Dark Depths. (OR) copy Dark Depths with the Stage and choose to keep the one with no counters on it. You can then sac the Copy to make the token.

6)Mimic Vat + Sidisi, Undead Vizier. Make Sidisi tokens and exploit them to tutor for whatever. Vat is also usable with any of the other creatures in the deck. For example, with Wurmcoil Engine it gets pretty nuts :)

The combos are pretty self explanatory. What combo I go for depends on what my opening hand looks like. Or what cards I draw as the game progresses.

Thanks for lookin!


11-17-20: Out Westvale Abbey  , In Prismatic Vista.

11-18-20: Out Vampire Nighthawk, In Opposition Agent.

4-11-21: Out Graveborn Muse, In Grim Discovery.

4-12-21: Out Unstable Frontier, In Boseiju, Who Shelters All.

4-28-21: Out Sign in Blood, In Exhume.

8-18-21: Out Increasing Ambition, In Mimic Vat. I ran Mimic Vat before and I took it out for some reason (can't remember why). I'm adding it back in so I can make tokens of my commander and tutor as long as no one decides to roast my Mimic Vat. Increasing Ambition is not the tutor that I should be running. It made sense to just swap it even out for the Vat. Back to testing.

10-18-21: Out Diabolic Tutor, In Vampiric Tutor.

10-18-21: Out Worn Powerstone, In Mana Crypt.

10-18-21: Out Lotus Field, In Urza's Saga.


Overwhelming Forces > Decree of Pain?


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