Opponents take a ride through Jurassic Park featuring Naya's aggressive dinosaurs, explosive land ramp, and clever creature protection.

  1. Ramp.
  2. Play Gishath, Sun's Avatar and cheat dinosaurs into play.
  3. Protect your dinosaurs with cards like Boros Charm and Heroic Intervention.
  4. Attack!

  1. Combat damage
  2. Commander damage

  • Easy to pilot
  • Playing powerful creatures without paying high mana costs is some of the best fun in Magic
  • Flavor and endless movie quotes

  • You don't want to play your commander in every game
  • You don't enjoy the variable gameplay of cheating creatures into play off the top of your deck
  • You hate dinosaurs or action adventure movies

  1. Speedy ramp.
  2. Powerful creatures.
  3. Resilient protection spells.
  4. Gishath, Sun's Avatar can quickly rebuild the battlefield after board wipes.

  1. Counterspells.
  2. Persistent removal.
  3. Can only win through combat.

  • Building this deck is a balancing act. A critical mass of high mana value dinosaurs, a heavy commitment to ramp, and mass creature protection from removal are all absolutely essential. This leaves little room for utility even for some of the best creature-cheat cards in the game like Lurking Predators, In Search of Greatness, and Court of Bounty.
  • The human creatures that support Dino tribal were good but vulnerable to creature removal which meant board wipes hurt even more. Rampant Growth style sorceries and extra land effects were selected for ramp instead.
  • For flavor reasons Canopy Cover was chosen over Lightning Greaves.


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