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I play many decks, but many of you know me for my Kaalia. This is my first crack at a Jeskai deck of any capacity. I am in fact, in love with her. I WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN! With that being said (and off my chest), Jeskai is all about and removal with counterspells and a few, if any creatures to tie it all together; Enter Elsha!

Step 1: Cast Elsha of the Infinite.

Step 2: Look at your top card.

Step 3: Profit.

1.) It comes down to card quality. If you have infinite mana and access to your whole library, who cares if your win is pieced together from 5 cards? But when you are trying to play the game and avoid losing, wouldn’t you prefer if you didn’t draw Aetherflux Reservoir?

2.) The combos most friendly towards being made winconless are ones that involve infinite mana or draw, such as Scepter with an outlet in the CZ, Top + Future sight etc.

3.) One of the most common culprits is Laboratory Maniac or Jace, Wielder of Mysteries in decks without Tainted Pact/Demonic Consultation. If you have to draw your entire deck to win with a card, chances are you can cobble together a win out of the cards you drew, rather than running a dedicated wincon.

1.) Winconless combos often require more cards, so there can be increased risk of losing access to something important.

2.) Most winconless lines are not shortcuttable, which means you will have to execute an obnoxious combo if somebody asks you to.

3.) Winconless combos can be more difficult to execute.

Top wins the game for you in every way! Rearrange the deck to assemble free mana off the top and your combo of choice.

1.) Lotus Petal >> Mana Vault >> Cloud Key >> Sensei's Divining Top

1.) Timetwister

Requirements: Some way to infinitely cast spells that are in your library, either a combo of Infinite Mana + Draw, or infinite cascade, infinite urza activations or similar. Timetwister or an analogue, Regrowth or an analogue, Payload spell.


  • Find your Payload spell.

  • Cast your Payload spell.

  • Find your Twister effect.

  • Cast your Twister effect (shuffling in your Regrowth and Payload effects).

  • Find your Regrowth Effect.

  • Cast your Regrowth Effect, returning Twister.

  • Repeat.

2.) Isochron Scepter

Requirements: Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal making infinite mana. Access to your whole deck. Copy Artifact, Payload that can go under scepter (or payload that can't + narset's reversal).


  • Cast Copy Artifact, copying Isochron Scepter, Imprinting Narset’s Reversal

  • Cast your Payload Spell.

  • Activate the Scepter with Narset’s Reversal, returning your Payload to your hand and copying it

  • Let the Copy Resolve

  • Activate the Scepter with Dramatic Reversal, untapping both Scepters

  • Repeat

If you have a payload that goes under scepter, you can skip steps 2 and 4, and modify step 3 to cast the payload off of scepter.

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S/O to ScottyKnowsMTG & user:asshat for being my brothers in crime, making this deck together.

S/O to Apothesis for creating the server!

S/O to felecity for the in-epth info on the mechanics of the deck.

S/O to Spleenface for help on this primer and allowing me to use some of his info off of Reddit as well. Here is a link to his reddit post.

S/O to ShaperSavant for giving insight an analysis on why some cards aren't in the deck and why some should be.

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Updates Add

So I've decided to take out the badboy and added in some creatures for densities sake! With a more diverse pool, Top is now the main centerpiece of the deck (kind of already was). Main reason for moving away from Staff, it was too slow and on top of it all, I really stopped going for that line of play.



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