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Huatli Radiant Champion (Oathbreaker)

Oathbreaker* GW (Selesnya)


Ramp with creatures into an early huatli emblem. I need 5 creatures on the field to pop her 2nd turn shes on the field, and still be able to cast the signature spell. Token spells help to get there. After that, I play the signature spell to draw tons of cards. Then drop something dangerous like beastmaster ascension, cathars crusade, champion of lambolt, jazal goldmane, mirri, etc...

Several stax pieces from an old derevi deck to make people play around like thalia, archangel of tithes, kataki, or grand abolisher. Slow them down as i speed up. Very frustrating to try and stop me from going off or block. 15 of my creatures come back to hand with dawn.

Especially fun to -1 huatli on a creature when i have several, and then swing all in with pathbreaker for the win on several opponents at once. Heehee

Once i have the huatli emblem, good luck keeping up. Its usually just a short time until i win. Lots of gas. Several wincons. Very fast deck. Good thing the huatli emblem says “may” draw a card. You could easily deck yourself otherwise.


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