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An Ogre Only Roars When He's Angry

Commander / EDH* Combo Four Color Multiplayer Storm



Yidris Storm! Payoff cards are Empty the Warrens/Tendrils of Agony/Ignite Memories. This deck is a lot more powerful than I originally thought it would be!

Purposefully excluding Doomsday+Laboratory Maniac because its just too easy and not fun imo.

An interesting combo that I'm considering is Aluren+Cavern Harpy/ Dream Stalker /Æther Adept to cascade every 0-3 drop out of the deck (which would also give me a ton of storm procs). Another similar combo would be Cloudstone Curio+ any two of Great Whale/Palinchron/Peregrine Drake (which would cascade into almost every card in the deck).

All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated so let me know what you think of the deck! I'd also like to hear some opinions on the infinite combos I mentioned. I have removed the budget tag since this is my optimal deck list and most of the price comes from the mana base. If you want to chech out my budget deck that I'm building in paper heres the deck list.

Budget Ogre Man

Commander / EDH* Shockwave115



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