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When, Teysa Karlov was spoiled for, Ravnica Allegiance I was stoked, and when I was fortunate enough to pull her I was ecstatic.

We were given the perfect Commander for an Aristocrats build but we were also given a new creature triggered ability “Afterlife”.

The build for this deck is 100% Aristocrats and is infinite combo free and does not require or perform creature combat.

This deck plays like a game of chess meaning patience is key as you work to get several of your various pieces on to the field before starting the sacrifice/drain life chain.

Death Triggers Example Blood Artist.

Sacrifice Outlets Example Altar of Dementia.

Sacrifice Fodder Example Imperious Oligarch.


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+1 Altar of Dementia maybe
-1 Kambal, Profiteering Mayor maybe
-1 Mirkwood Bats maybe
-1 Ophiomancer maybe
-1 Snow-Covered Swamp main
-1 Teysa, Opulent Oligarch maybe
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