Hello everyone, and welcome to the first Planeswalker EDH deck ever made on this account. First of all, I know there's only a few legal planeswalkers as commander in EDH, but I'd like Planeswalker EDH to be an officiel format or, at least, a more popular format (if there's an other name for this kind of format, tell me, I'm just calling it Planeswalker EDH and that's why I called this account like this). If you'd like to see a format like this, so let me know about it and come to talk with me.

Let's talk about the deck. I wanted to build around artifacts. That's why I chose Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast as commander because to me, his abilities are just wonderful. This deck is more like a midrange/control deck. I did not really know what to put in this deck at the end, so if you've got advice, don't hesitate, I'd be happy to improve it.

Again, I'd love to see a format like that appear. If someone is interested, maybe we can make a little community. We never know what can happen.

Well, I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching this deck, if you like it, please upvote it and, maybe, share it? :)


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