The Multiverse is on the brink of annihilation. A great and terrible power has emerged from beyond the realms, threatening to extinguish everything in its path. 'The Parasite', as those who fled the outer realms in time have named it, is merciless and indiscriminate. A hive of sentient anti-matter which consumes the very essence of whatever it makes contact with. Countless Phyrexians, Eldrazi, Dragons and even mighty Planeswalkers have attempted to resist its spread however none have survived. The divine and the profane, believing they are protected in their cloud fortresses and defiled churches respectively begin to take notice of the sudden increase in intensity and frequency of prayer. Emissaries from each side are dispatched and a meeting is held. Avacyn and Griselbrand, viciously eternal enemies are forced to cooperate to defend the very realms they have torn apart for millennia. Summoning their most loyal warriors to their sides, they venture together into the unknown.

BRGW Angel & Demon beatdown with ramp elements. Casual at the moment, however would like to try and make this viable. Suggestions for more efficient spells are appreciated!


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