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UB mill, with Jace's Phantasmn in main, because i think that suits the meta at the moment (although I'm not sure after the last tournament I played with this deck)


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I went 3-1-1 with this deck, made it to top 8.

Round 1: Storm 2-1

Played against a friend who brought his completely Japanese storm deck. First game I managed to use surgical extraction 4 times on his combo pieces. Second game he could play his entire deck while I was stuck on 2 land. Last game I could remove his combo pieces with surgical extraction and some well timed extirpates.

Round 2: Izzet Phoenix 2-0

Managed to extract the phoenixes and titi's game 1. Game 2 I could beat him to death with one phantasm.

Round 3: Izzet Phoenix breach 0-2

My opponent played a weird list with surgical extraction in mainboard which countered my extraction on his phoenix. Lost game 1 thanks to that. Game 2 he breached emrakul on turn 4 out of nowhere... gg.

Round 4: Mono green Tron 2-1

My opponent was very unlucky here. He milled to 5 game 1. He couldn't do anything for like 4 turns. Game 2 he got natural tron and I got beaten down by a wurmcoil engine. Game 3 I extracted a tower from his graveyard after I field of ruined it.

Round 5: Merfolk (ID)

Last round I drawed for top 8.

Top 8: 1-2 WR Burn

Game 1 I got burned to death in a steady pace. Game 2 I managed to mill him and survived thanks to an crypt incursion. Game 3 was extremely close, but he burned me to death while his library only had 2 cards left..... GG

Overall this deck feels great. The phoenix match up is absolutely favorable, as is tron. Only burn can give this deck a really hard time. You just have to hope they play enough creatures for the crypt incursion to have effect. Next time I'll give this deck another try, although I'm not sure about the phantasms yet


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