*Hi yall, I'm excited that this deck has been getting attention but that help flag isn't just for show, I'm dying for some feedback here, cheers!

Trying to build with skeletons/zombies with a focus on Phylactery Lich , but needs some help rounding out.

The gameplan is to set up Phylactery Lich to go face for the primary win con with Sorin's Vengeance being back up if the game drags out, while using Barrier of Bones + Darksteel Pendant to search as needed.

I like the combo of Death Baron and cards with regeneration like Wall of Bone + Augur of Skulls + Spawning Pool , with Augur of Skulls doubling in value with its ability to create card advantage to start snowballing a lead.

Unliving Psychopath + Ring of Xathrid is something that in theory is nice but I'm kind of unsure about. Kinda just fodder but the additional removal is nice and the regeneration puts it in line with Death Baron like mentioned before. I feel like it would also be a good use of mana that might otherwise just be sitting there but I don't know if there are simply better options.

Removal ( Drown in Sorrow + Smother ) could probably be tweaked and I suspect Barrier of Bones + Wall of Bone might be overkill although like mentioned before both have their merits.

I'm also on the fence about putting in Torment of Hailfire over Sorin's Vengeance or any other direct damage finisher. The cards in the maybeboard are the ones I have been considering the most though they may require multiple swaps and heavily shift the focus of the deck.


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