Control deck with Wizards!

The goal is to get Naban out early to double the ETB effects of merfolk trickster, exclusions mage, and deputy of detention.

Seal away and ixalan’s binding help keep the pressure.

Chart a course helps keep the hand fresh and usually is a draw 2 for 2 with the creature disruption allowing you to swing in for small hits of damage.

Dive down keeps the naban and deputy of detention safe.

Radiant destiny helps early to pump the wizards and late to allow you to have some blockers if needed.

Immortal sun is a great late game play to keep the cards coming to hopefully draw that extra exclusion mage to swing in for the last points of damage. Also pumps and keeps PWs at bay.

Absorb is in here in place of retort or any other counter spell to provide some life gain allowing you to take some early damage if needed.


Can sideboard into an aggro deck to deal with non-creature control. This if done by dropping the exclusion mage, one trickster, and seal away for the river sneaks, two additional radiant destiny, and shalai.

River’s Rebuke deals with token decks

Revitalize and fountain of renewal for aggro to push past their early game.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks for looking!


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