This deck is loosely based upon the article "All-in On the Win"

It was born upon the release of Boros Reckoner and functions around finding ways to do damage to my own creatures and turning that to my advantage.

  • Ruby Medallion & Dragonlord's Servant - These cards help to accelerate the rest of the deck and make a turn 3 or turn 4 dragon possible (if not probable).

  • Pyroclasm, Blasphemous Act, Nahiri's Wrath, & Starstorm - All of these help to keep my opponent's board state in check while also damaging my creatures (and thereby giving me some advantage). Shivan Meteor is also included but it is a little different in that it only hits one target, but it can take out a particularly nasty threat of the opponent, or be thrown onto one of my critters and directly at my opponent's face.

  • Boros Reckoner, Mogg Maniac, Spitemare - All of these creatures read the same way: take damage and reflect it back. The bulk of them live through Pyroclasm, so that's a plus, but all of them can be used to kill my opponent.

  • Wall of Hope, & Deep-Slumber Titan - These aren't going to be able to shoot my opponent in the face, but they do provide benefit when they take damage, so I threw them in. With only three options to do direct damage, I needed to have more critters on theme, so I expanded to include these. The titan is not ideal, but a 7/7 for four isn't so bad--though I'm sure there are other options better suited to this deck.

Card Draw and Enchantment/Artifact Removal:

As the decks I make are casual and do not have sideboards, any deck tries to conform to two stipulations: it must be able to deal with artifacts/enchantments (preferably at least two cards) and it should also have some element of card draw. Both of these features should attempt to stay on theme whenever possible.

  • Swans of Bryn Argoll - I love these guys because they provide card advantage and can't be killed via normal damage. So I can pump as much damage as I want into them and keep on moving. It also provides and evasive source of damage if necessary, and a great blocker.

  • Solemn Offering - I couldn't find something on theme that destroyed artifacts and enchantments and still let me do damage to critters. Instead, I wound up using something to gain life.

Win Conditions:

Win conditions for this deck involve putting out a couple of the damage reflectors and them throwing out a Blasphemous Act or similar for lethal damage.


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