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Some may think "White Mana in the Mainboard but no white Cards?" The Reason for this specific Change is because i felt that the Sideboard needed an overhaul more than the rest. Cards like Ixalan's Binding,Settle the Wreckage and Gishath, Sun's Avatar seem to good not to not have them as an Option.

Im still not 100% sure about Sarkhan's Unsealing cause its usually a bit situational. Its good if it gets down in the early turns and provides dominance like nothing else but it also seems nearly pointless if you draw it later on when you got your bigboys already on the field.

Any advice/Feedback is appreciated. :)


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I changed a lot in responds to the new Sets and the metachanges.

Changed the overall core of the Deck to have a little more ramp with Otepec Huntmaster and Thunderherd Migration added into it. Also splashed into White to get more flexability into the Sideboard.


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