Deforestation is a budget take on mono green stompy. It's designed to have explosive turns, while also maintaining the ability to grind out wins with the desert package of Sunscorched Desert, Cradle of the Accursed, and Wall of Forgotten Pharaohs. With Pulse of Murasa and Tilling Treefolk, you have the ability to reuse your deserts. There is a plethora of sacrifice effects that this deck can take advantage of. Edge of Autumn is particularly nice, and pairs with Mind Stone for the draw package. Mind stone also gives the deck some consistency in the event that you sacrifice too many lands.

Scythe Tiger is a bit of a nonbo with Epic Confrontation and Elephant Guide, so be careful to play around that.

The sideboard is open to whatever meta calls you want to make. I think the one of Bojuka Bog is great because of Crop Rotation. I'm still testing the splash red for sideboarding in Ancient Grudge and a couple of other good red sideboard cards I had in mind. If you're worried about flyers, Scattershot Archer is a popular pick. I personally like Spidersilk Armor, but it's not the most budget friendly.

Update: the card draw from Mind Stone is too important to cut for Guardian Idol. I'm always tinkering with the sideboard. I'm unsure whether or not to put in more flying hate in the sideboard. Mono Blue Delver just has so many counterspells. Relatively few versions run bonesplitter these days, but a one of bonesplitter on a delver can race you really well. I haven't been seeing a lot of reanimator decks online recently, so maybe I should cut a Naturalize and the Bojuka Bog from the sideboard for two Spidersilk Armor. Not as budget friendly, but really good against delver. Then again, an instant speed Bojuka Bog off a Crop Rotation stops Dinrova Tron's combo, if only until they find another Ghostly Flicker. I guess the Stone Rains would have to be enough.


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