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A fun janky Casual Deck for EDH, with a God/Enchantment Theme. The focus is on all the 15 different Theros Gods and the 5 Demigods from THB. It's my pet deck, I spent a lot of time building it, and "blinging" it out.

Basically, smashing down a ton of the Theros Gods. You can also go for more destroy based Boardwipes, because they don't affect the deck that much. Making deals with the Playgroup is needed for this deck aswell, since it can be slow. Cards like Bow of Nylea and Bident of Thassa help with that or bouncing removal enchantments with Thassa, Deep-Dwelling like Banishing Light to help players out with threats on the board. The few grouphug cards like Dictate of Karametra and Dictate of Kruphix help with the politicing aswell. The alternative win-conditions with the diffrent gods make this deck real fun, think about Phenax, God of Deception for a mill win. It takes some time to develop all the devotion, to get the gods online, but that's okay. Some Gods like Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded will hardly ever be online, because I only 10 are in the Deck, that isn't as bad as it sounds, because he gives haste without beeing a creature.
The most likley wincons:

1. The World Tree with 10 lands out, wins most of the time, 15 Gods that are indestructable is quite nice. Remember that the Tree is fetchable with Golos, Tireless Pilgrim

2. Phenax, God of Deception Mill Win

3. Xenagos, God of Revels Smash :D ( Rogue's Passage helps with that)

So how will we stay alive, expect for politicing and praying to our 15 Theros gods? :D The answer is these spells, there are here to protect our board (like Sterling Grove ) and us, as the player.

Lifegain: Courser of Kruphix , Daxos, Blessed by the Sun , Herald of the Pantheon , Altar of the Pantheon and Underworld Coinsmith

Tokencreation: Arasta of the Endless Web , Archon of Sun's Grace , Pharika, God of Affliction and Omen of the Sun

Taxing: Propaganda , Ghostly Prison and Callaphe, Beloved of the Sea


The maybe board is for changes I'm planing, or you could take in consideration if you're building a God Themed Deck.

It is ready for play, but I'm still changing things a little, feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments!


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Deck did run smooth, I won :D

great starting hand was involved // casted Golos once + Nyxbloom Ancient saved me after a Boardwipe


90% Casual


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