Humans are no longer the dominant species, he is.

This deck is probably the most Timmy deck I’ve ever made and I love it. The mutate mechanic, despite its flaws, looks like a blast to use, and the Godzilla cards make it so much cooler. This deck is in no way optimized or even powerful, but it’s big, dumb fun with a bunch of big, dumb monsters.

Also, for those wondering, I decided on Child of Alara (Currently digital altered to look like Godzilla Earth, which was done by me) as my commander because it's a great deterrent. Normally commanders don't have die triggers go off because of returning to the command zone, however, if Child is mutated, when the mutated creature dies, even though Child returns to the command zone, the other creatures of the mutate stack had its ability, causing it to still go off.

Note: This deck will be changed and updated as I playtest more and may become more optimized, but that is to be seen.

So other than the mutate mechanic (which does have some overlap), this deck is about Godzilla and his many allies and enemies. So let’s check out who I decided to include and who I didn’t (These two lists are ordered by Collector’s Number).

Who I Included

  • Huntmaster Liger/King Caesar, Ancient Guardian
    • While King Caesar is kind of strange looking in this art, the card itself is quite solid, and is a payoff for mutating multiple times. The ability could easily end games in the right situation, because a +3/+3 or a +4/+4 can be devastating.
  • Luminous Broodmoth/Mothra, Supersonic Queen
    • I’d be damned if I didn’t include Godzilla’s mistress. All joking aside, Mothra has quite a powerful ability. While not directly involved with mutate, the ability is a great board wipe deterrent and removal deterrent, and if a mutated creature does die, I believe they all come back individually as flying creatures and that might be worse than a single mutated creature.
  • Pollywog Symbiote/Babygodzilla, Ruin Reborn
    • He’s adorable and deadly. Seems like an easy include in my opinion since he reduces my mutate creatures and I get to loot every time I cast one.
  • Everquill Phoenix/Destoroyah, Perfect Lifeform
    • This thing just doesn’t want to die. Every mutation means another chance of resurrection. Talk about stubborn.
  • Gemrazer/Anguirus, Armored Killer
  • Brokkos, Apex of Forever/Bio-Quartz Spacegodzilla
    • The first of the big five, and a solid one at that. If Destoroyah was stubborn, this guy is on another level. His mutate makes him just keep coming back unless exiled, and has a solid body on top of that. Plus, he looks dope.
  • Illuna, Apex of Wishes/Ghidorah, King of the Cosmos
    • Godzilla’s Arch-rival gets to be the face of quite the card. The ability is essentially a tweaked cascade, but excludes non-permanents, doesn’t care about CMC, and gives you the choice of putting it in your hand instead (for the sake of mutating). What’s not to love?
  • Nethroi, Apex of Death/Biollante, Plant Beast Form
    • Probably my favorite art of all the monsters and the card is just as dope. Mutate has a distinct disadvantage compared to bestow as everything goes to the graveyard when the top creature is killed, but Biollante makes that almost not matter, returning creatures en masse. I absolutely love the card, love the art, and love Biollante.
  • Snapdax, Apex of the Hunt/King Caesar, Awoken Titan
    • Finally King Caesar gets to bare his fangs on a real card, and while the ability may seem underwhelming, it can become overwhelming real quickly. 4 damage can kill a lot of utility creatures and several planeswalkers, but when done two or three times, potentially in a turn, it can kill almost any and everything.
  • Vadrok, Apex of Thunder/Rodan, Titan of Winged Fury
    • Rodan is the face of an interesting card, and in the right scenario, quite the value engine. People love to target your mana rocks and card draw enchantments and more, rightfully so, but it still can be annoying. That’s where Rodan shines as he allows for them to return, plus with removal in the yard, you get to destroy or exile something every time Rodan mutates (as long as it’s CMC 3 or less that is).
  • Gyruda, Doom of Depths/Gigan, Cyberclaw Terror
    • Gigan isn’t the companion for this deck, that’d be too restrictive, but that doesn’t stop him from being useful. I did some math, and unless I messed up big time, Gigan has a 60%+ chance of hitting an even cost creature from just my graveyard alone when I mill. That doesn’t include opponents. It’ll be interesting to see how true this math is, but I have high hopes for Gigan.
  • Dirge Bat/Battra, Dark Destroyer
    • God knows I can’t read this, but that doesn’t stop it from looking cool. All you need to know is, Battra is a killer. Mutate once, dead planeswalker, mutate again, dead creature, etc. Plus, it has flash, so in a pinch, it’s a 3/3 flying surprise blocker, or a 6 mana instant speed kill spell.

Who I Didn’t Include

  • Zilortha, Strength Incarnate/Godzilla, King of the Monsters
    • It feels so wrong not including this Godzilla in the deck, but fortunately and unfortunately, his card is a build-around. Makes for a great and unique commander deck, but not so great for the 99. Especially since I have more creatures with a lower power than toughness than vice versa.
  • Yidaro, Wandering Monster/Godzilla, Doom Inevitable
    • While Shin Godzilla is arguably the best Godzilla, his card is less so. Originally I included him in the list, but I've since cut him because realistically, he's an oversized Colossal Dreadmaw or that hasty version from Ixalan. His free cast from cycling will almost never happen so other than being hasty and a trampler, he's kind of a dead card.
  • Titanoth Rex/Godzilla, Primeval Champion
    • Unfortunately, not one of the Godzilla cards made it into my Godzilla deck, and it’s a real damn shame. I fought tooth and nail within my head to include at least one of them, but Spacegodzilla will have to hold up that mantle because, honestly, none of the current Godzilla cards are worth running in this deck specifically.
  • Void Beckoner/Spacegodzilla, Death Corona
    • Despite the obviously unfortunate timing of this card and its name, the card itself might now be a collector’s card, but it just isn’t worth running in my opinion. An 8/8 for 8 is quite vanilla, even with Deathtouch, which is kind of moot at that power. Obviously I could also cycle it for the deathtouch counter, but if that’s all I have it in here for, what’s the point? I may change my mind, but I think I’d rather sell it for a stupidly unreasonable price than use it for it’s mostly underwhelming ability.
  • Sprite Dragon/Dorat, the Perfect Pet
    • This may be an unpopular opinion by Dorat is so ugly in this art. And beyond that, over 70% of my deck is creatures and lands, they are quite useless.
  • Crystalline Giant/Mechagodzilla, the Weapon
    • This was cut when whittling the deck down to 99 cards, but not because of the obvious issues playing with it in paper magic. The card just isn’t reliable and kind of a do nothing creature until possibly like three or four turns later. Mechagodzilla isn’t a monster anyways, so it’s no skin off my back no including him
  • Mysterious Egg/Mothra’s Cocoon
    • Ok, this card has flipped from not being in the deck, to being included, to now being removed again. The card in itself isn’t terrible, however, even in a strictly mutate deck, there are better 1-drop creatures to run over it, like Slippery Boggle.
I’m not going to talk about every mutate creature I have in the deck here, but I would like to highlight my top 5 favorite ones (not including any of the Godzilla ones).

  • Insatiable Hemophage
    • Gary but for mutate. Do I even need to say more? Yes? Oh okay. Well, if you’ve never played with Gary before (Gray Merchant of Asphodel), then you probably don’t know how stupidly easy it is to swing the tide of a game with him just entering the battlefield. And while Hemophage may not have the same immediate impact, it has a much higher potential. With each subsequent mutation, the ability becomes more and more powerful exponentially, it’s amazing!
  • Otrimi, the Ever-Playful
    • Toothless *cough* I mean Otrimi is the face commander for the Sultai Commander 2020 deck, and for good reason. I’ve heard so many people complain about mutate because it’s a “worse” bestow, but I just don’t believe that’s true, and cards like Otrimi negate the downside of losing mutate creatures to the graveyard.
  • Pouncing Shoreshark
    • When I look at this card, I get some serious Street Sharks nostalgia and I love it. As well, the effect is great for delaying pesky threats at a pretty good cost, and he has flash!
  • Sawtusk Demolisher
    • Another C20 card, but can you blame me? The effect might seem simple, but did you see how cheap it’s mutate cost is? Plus, this is every time it mutates, not a one-off.
  • Souvenir Snatcher
    • The final C20 card and the final card in this list, but definitely not the least. Despite the restriction, this is extremely powerful. Your opponents Sol Rings, Altar of Dementias, Mana Crypts, and more, are all now yours for the taking! The best part? It’s a permanent theft effect.

Hope you enjoyed my thoughts on some of my inclusions and the thought process behind my choices. Have a great day! :)

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