An EDH Combo Deck

The Goal

You want to get your Palinchron out and generate infinite mana by flickering it with Deadeye Navigator or double your mana with Regal Behemoth. After that, draw your deck with either Thrasios or Azure Mage then play the lab man and draw one more time to win the game.

Breaking Vannifar

Intruder Alarm and Thornbite Staff allow us to search an unlimited amount of times during our turn. Lifeline brings back anything we sacrificed during our turn and Thousand-Year Elixir lets us start podding our way through the deck as soon as Vannifar comes out.


If you have a card you think will improve this deck please feel free to put it down below along with which card you would take out. I may not agree with all the suggestions but I am glad to hear any and all feedback.


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