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Based on Sickrobot's deck

"Main combo is Sacrifice Outlet + Blood Artist + Cephalid Illusionist + Nomads En-Kor

Mill library until you hit either the Eldrazi Titan or Narcomoeba

If you hit the titan first, keep milling with its shuffle trigger on the stack to get to Narcomoeba, then sacrifice it to get a blood artist trigger, and let the shuffle trigger resolve, repeat

If you hit the Narcomoeba first, let its trigger resolve, sacrifice it to get a blood artist trigger, then keep milling until you hit the titan to shuffle, repeat

Flex slots are Gitaxian Probe and Misdirection , everything else should stay static, unless you're swapping hulk packages or changing the interaction package. The second worst slots are Summoner's Pact and Merchant Scroll , but if you're changing these out, you should know what you are doing and have tested the stock build first."

Add in ~4 basics, maybe 1x Forest , 1x Swamp , and 2x Island if against Blood moon consistently


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