This is my Tasigur control deck. It's played in playgroup with heavy beater meta so it's configured to try and deal with a lot of creatures on board. But there is variety of other decks I often play against, from land destruction to turn-3-win combo decks.

This is the paper version I own and it's limited with budget, a lot of cards are place holders or budget solutions. I'm slowly investing in improvements and in the same time spending time and energy to balance the deck with cards I own.

Deck references

I follow and often consider Tasigur Seasons Past / Season Pastigur list by LabManiac_Cameron. It's the most explained and balanced list I found and would recommend to consider it when building any form of Tasigur deck. I personally found the chapter about dealing with aggro meta most useful.

This deck uses Razaketh, the Foulblooded line so I considered Tasaketh by cEDH_Stu. I'm more inclined towards slow control so this line will probably be abandoned after I acquire some of more expensive tutors.


Updates Add

Replaced Yavimaya Coast with Waterlogged Grove . Added Reflecting Pool in the space of basic Swamp (I still play Snow-Covered Swamp ).

Pact of Negation is new addition among instant cards, trying without Nature's Claim again (can't decide between cutting Claim or Trickbind ).

Karn, the Great Creator going in the deck, Training Grounds going out. Training Grounds revealed to be a good card in the games I'm winning anyway. I was almost never happy to draw it, and often it would end in exile to some wild Tasigur delve.



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