im trying to build a deck which relies on making alot of tokens and sacrificing to do neat things but also have the ability to overwhelm with tokens mostly the latter.

token combos:

Combo 1: Ghoulcaller Gisa sac Gravecrawler tap Skirsdag High Priest tapping the two zombie tokens create 5/5 demon. Repeat but replace Gravecrawler with the demon token.

Combo 2: Flesh Carver sac Doomed Dissenter triggers Xathrid Necromancer sac Apprentice Necromancer return Doomed Dissenter use Gisa and Geralf return Apprentice Necromancer end step sac Doomed Dissenter again. Repeat

Combo 3: Ghoulcaller Gisa sac Abhorrent Overlord sac Apprentice Necromancer return Abhorrent Overlord Gisa and Geralf return apprentice necromacer Any other combos that you can see in this deck? please let me know.


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