Now let me tell you why this is the best deck. Because Donald Trump said so. Donald Trump approves this deck. Donald Trump means success. Don't let those dumb "experts" tell you otherwise. Some people make Ruhan Voltron decks. I call those Ruhans Crooked Ruhan.

This deck wins 99% of games. I was in New York and I saw thousands of people on the rooftops celebrating how great this deck is all around the world. This deck is so good I think I'll start a business called Trump Decks. A company so incredible incredible that it will sweep tournaments.

Speaking of tournaments, this deck will sweep every tournament. It doesn't matter if you are playing modern or whatever. This deck is just so good that it can't lose. Don't let the moderators or whoever tell you whatever isn't tournament legal. I call those people Crooked Moderators. An extremely credible source told me that he swept the Grand Prix with this deck, but it was covered up.

Now here is how it goes. I will build a great big wall, all the way to keep out all the illegals (opponent creatures) who want to take our jobs (planeswalkers).

"But Mr Trump, what about tunnels and ladders? (literally any strategy that isn't creature reliant)"

Don't worry. I will make the wall so big and great that no illegal drug dealer will get through. A Trump Wall. The word Trump tells you how great the wall will be.

Then I will make America the best. We will take our jobs back from China ( Scrambleverse , Goblin Game , Insurrection, extort). I will destroy ISIS (all their permanents with various boardwipes). We are an absolutely incredible nation and we can't be destroyed.

And we can do all this for free. This deck is so cheap anyone can buy it (BLATANT LIE)

Alright so seriously:

This is a bullshit gimmick deck based on Trump. Ruhan of the Fomori is a random and powerful attacker, just like Trump cannot be predicted and is dangerous.

Walls: Take a guess.

Extort: That's how we make Mexico pay for it.

Planeswalkers: The great people of America.

Multiple and extremely destructive boardwipes, bullshit troll spells, and toxic group hate: How we destroy ISIS. Don't question it.

Trump, Political Outsider: A golden helix streaked skyward from the Trump Tower. A thunderous explosion shattered the Muslim president and Trump emerged, free from his prison at last.

Archangel Avatrump  : Don't tell me my hands are small

Mexicleanse: The clouds broke and the Trump's rays burst forth; each foul Mexican in its turn faltered, and was gone.

Trump Tower: A tower that produces only the most American of colors

Wall of Trump: No illegals can fly over this wall, it's just too high

Vote for Trump: Don't question me. Trump is always right

Drain Mexico: They will pay for it

2016 Election: Politics is a game

Trump Rally Protests: Don't interrupt my rally

Muslim Immigration Ban: It's only temporary

Humility : More than you would think, believe me

Decree of Trump: Why can't we use nuclear weapons? x3

Donaldus of Trumpty: Votes from Hillary, money from Mexico, jobs from China. This is how we take them back

Conduit of Donald  /Conduit of Trump  : Let the will of Donald Trump flow through you

Vote Donald Trump!

Make America Great Again!

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