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Azorius Mill (M19 Standard)

Standard* Combo Control Mill W/U (Azorius)


Sphinx's Tutelage is back! ...kinda ...sort of ...but a bit worse.

I'm talking about Psychic Corrosion. While it is not as good as Sphinx's Tutelage it can still do the job. This is a mill deck that tries to win by controlling the board while drawing cards and milling the opponent. With enchantments like Patient Rebuilding and Kumena's Awakening the deck is able to draw more cards and mill even faster. Additionally cards like Champion of Wits and Glimmer of Genius help as well. All these card draw cards help mill while the Psychic Corrosion is on the battlefield or it can help find it if it's not on the battlefield yet.

I'm not really sure about the current state of the deck and suggestions are welcome.


Updates Add

-1x Island

-1x Plains

+2x Scavenger Grounds

Based on a suggestion by player:Legendary_pinguin_of_death I added Scavenger Grounds in favor of 2 basic lands so the deck works better against decks that use their graveyard.


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