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Mono-Green Devotion

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It's a basic Green Deck Wins. Main goal is to build devotion as fast as possible and then, using either Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx to pump out one of your Hydras.

Use Elvish Mystic or Utopia Sprawl for early game pump, use Voyaging Satyr to Use either Nykthos or a Forest with Utopia Sprawl multiple times per turn.

Running only Forest due to their being only one color. Haven't found a certain Hydra that's worth a play-set of yet, found that keeping small variety of hydra types (Monstrosity, Power Doubling, Devotion) keeps the deck consistent. Most hydras are known for either there powerful +1/+1 counter abilities or their monstrosity abilities, so I picked what i felt was the strongest of each category.

Use Primal Rage or Predator's Strike to get past blockers and Vines of Vastwood and Archetype of Endurance to protect from removal.

Definitely not a competitive deck by any means, It doesn't have a lot of removal. It's just a deck i love to use when I'm in a big group game, when given a little time(and sometimes just 3 or 4 turns!) It has insane potential

Would love to hear some suggestions!


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