Bruticlad Myr Tribal - Casual “kitchen table” format

The main goal is to mass Myrs to the board generating mana value and recursion engines to draw into ideally a Desolation Twin which will transform all our tokens into 10/10 Eldrazis.

Any help is appreciated, I am trying to keep this low power by limiting mass tutors as well as avoiding infinite combos. Myrs have a lot of easy infinites but I’ll simply choose to not activate these during gameplay.


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Misread Metalwork Colossus when I built the deck, it doesn't count creatures and I found my non-creature artifacts getting removed frequently, so removed from deck and replaced with Archetype of Aggression to give my 10/10's trample.

1st Game: (3 pod, 4th couldn't make it) Victory vs Gisa reanimate and a Slogurk +1/+1 counters deck. Game lasted a while, going into turn 9 before I closed it out with Lodestone Myr, massed around 12 copies through tokens mixed with a Shared Animosity.

2nd Game: Was able to resolve a Desolation Twin fairly early thanks to mana accelerants, but was constantly chumped by smaller creatures. Assessed that I needed trample as getting 10/10's blocked by 2/1's felt real bad. Despite having 8 10/10's on board, was unable to close out. Debating on fitting a Dragon Throne of Tarkir to add damage to the alpha strike.


83% Casual


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