Here's my Bruna enchantment voltron deck! It aims to one-shot an opponent the turn Bruna comes down, then hopefully stick around to finish off the others in subsequent turns. Any combination of 2 of these enchantments are lethal- Eldrazi Conscription, Battle Mastery, and Corrupted Conscience, so I'll often search up 2 of those and a protection piece like Spectra Ward, Lightning Greaves or Shielded by Faith to hopefully give Bruna some durability to live to the next turn. Having built in vigilance is great since she can play defense afterwards to deter attackers.

The Sideboard are cards that I'll swap in if I suspect people might be running cEDH or more competitive decks. I don't consider this deck cEDH viable, but thanks to my love of legacy I have the blue counterspells ready to give me a shot against them if they happen to pop up.

Maybeboard is cards that I've used or considered in the deck before. I need to clean it up a bit, but in the meantime they might help others with ideas so I'll leave them there for now.

Somewhat dated discussion on best counterspells for EDH- click here


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This deck along with my brother's Tergrid deck took 2nd place in the local commander team event! Our only loss was to a pair of cEDH partners who killed us on turn 2, but I feel like we had the best pair of non-cEDH decks in the room. MVPs were Mana Drain, Heliod's Intervention, Slip Out the Back, and Grand Arbiter Agustin IV alongside various other counterspells. While I didn't knock anyone out with Bruna, I was able to keep the coast clear for Tergrid to take over both games that we won.

I think I'll work on getting 5th copies of the cards I have in the SB in order to keep this deck optimized for possible future competitive play, but I'm not in a hurry to do so. I love this deck!

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