My version of Quintorius, Field Historian EDH with a cost effective budget. The intent of this deck is to draw and discard into cards with flashback, escape, embalm and eternalize and create a bunch of spirits with Quintorius (preferably on an opponents end step). Cycle is also a good mechanic in deck to keep the grave full.

Notable cards include Alms which can instant speed remove a single card per trigger to make the 3/2 spirit with Quintorius on the field; doing this on a players could lead to overwhelming tokens. Purify will be good for targeting our own grave as using this with flashback in one turn will create 3 3/2's (which are actually 4/2's with commander on field). Bag of Holding is great in this deck due to the number of discard effects the deck uses, and the fact that the card enters the grave and is then removed is more synergy with the commander. Marshaling Cry has cycling and flashback which will prove to be very handy, especially considering how many tokens the deck should be generating.

I have just constructed this in a hour with a combination of my current knowledge and speed checking with gatherer, please feel free to make suggestions.


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