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This deck was built around the concept of having a commander deck where the card that everything synergizes with is not the commander. A secret commander, if you will.

In this case, that card is Mirror Entity. In my opinion, the most powerful tribal creature that exists.

So I want to take what should have been a warrior tribal deck, and add in a bunch of other fun tribal stuff and then use Mirror Entity to get what I want. For example, Najeela is great at doubling your creatures. You know who else can do that: Krenko. What's that you say? Krenko is a goblin! Well not with Mirror Entity. Now all of Krenko's goblins are warriors too. And just for fun, let's throw in Rhys, because we need more tokens that can become warriors.

Now what do we want to do with all of these tokens? How about we double them! With a five color commander, we can include every token doubler there is:

  • Annointed Procession
  • Doubling Season
  • Parallel Lives
  • Primal Vigor

And while we're at it, let's make full use of all these tokens. How about we get every single gain life trigger from tokens entering the battlefield:

  • Soul Warden
  • Soul's Attendant
  • Suture Priest
  • Impassioned Orater
  • Annointer Priest

What's another fun card? Gilt-Leaf Archdruid. Oh, but where could I possibly get a whole bunch of druids. BAM! Mirror Entity now makes all the warrior and goblin tokens druids, and all of your lands are now mine.


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