This is my first EDH deck I ever built, and as many decks, and as many cards they release a year, I've managed to keep this deck and try to make it as playable as possible. While it's no means competitive (I actually un-combo'd it for a casual playground of mine), I tried to make it hold its own, while still being a very very fun deck.

For shits, I've tried retro bordering this deck as much as possible.

After years of refining, I find recursion the better game than spell-slinging in a Stoutarm deck, and while you might think Boros, I wanna go fast, this is surprisingly played more like a control deck. There is a major artifact synergy here, and white mass artifact removal is a definite silver bullet, I don't really see any other way of playing this deck. I thought the creature versions of Threaten effects are better on sticks, for a couple more mana, you have a body on them and possibly a way to replay them, granted they're a little costly, this deck runs a lot of ramp.

Getting Unwinding Clock is probably your best ticket for multi turn fun. It combo's with all the artifact token creators, and you can untap nonland permanent with Liquimetal Torque (which can be used to Disenchant or Wear / Tear in a pinch.

- Prototype Portal can be used for artifact lands if nothing else, so a type of psuedo-ramp.


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