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Attempting some life gain synergies and weaponization, along with an artifact sub-theme. My goal is something kind of inspired by Indiana Jones adventures and relics, though I fear the cards I need to pull it off in a powerful way either don’t exist, or are out of my price range. I also don’t have a commander for it that I’m completely happy with. For now, Kenrith will do. He reanimates, which is obviously strong, provides targeted life gain, and can haste the whole board. Plus, he pulls off Crusades flavor quite nicely. The synergies are definitely there, if not a bit clunky.

One of the best recent adds has been Fires of Invention. It really opens the deck up for making plays while holding up mana for activated abilities. The deck isn’t always super smooth, but it has a lot of ways to kill one player or a whole table out of nowhere. Because of the life total manipulation, it can take a lot of punishment and still come back strong.


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