• This is a grindy midrange deck that can perform various game plans depending on matchup and opening hand. The combo is useful for racing decks like Tron as well as forcing opponents to play around it Twin-Style.
  • T2 Planeswalkers are great in general.
  • The deck does not suffer against early removal the way conventional Birds decks because we play 18 one-drops, allowing us to advance our boardstate in a meaningful way even if opponents Bolt The Bird.
  • Force of Negation is a nice disruptive spell that noone sees coming.
  • We are set up well vs. creatures with W6, Path, Coatl, Oko and Teferi. -Game one we can often combo when our opponent is tapped out. Remember Saheeli can make mana by copying Birds, and Felidar can blink lands.
  • Felidar Guardian has high utility with Oath and Planeswalkers. Post-board shaving a Saheeli or two is fine if we suspect our opponent will heavily fight the combo.


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